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On his North American tour, the Prince of Wales stops at Sydney on Cape Breton en route to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Prince of Wales, 1859, detail
The Prince of Wales and his party had left St. Johns, Newfoundland bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 26, 1860.  The two naval vessels made such good time, however, that the Prince was able to make a three hour visit to Sydney on Cape Breton Island.  A hastily organized reception saw the Prince land at noon, inspect the local militia called "The Sydney Mines Volunteers," visit a Native American encampment, and reembark at three.  The royal party reached Halifax on July 30, 1860.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Richard Brown, A History of the Island of Cape Breton .... (London: Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1869), 460-462.