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Recollection by Henry Lee Higginson of the Battle of Aldie, June 17, 1863

Henry Lee Higginson, 1855, detail
Twenty-nine year old Henry Lee Higginson, a Harvard graduate from a wealthy Boston family and son-in-law of Professor Louis Agassiz, was a major in the First Massachusetts Cavalry during the clash at Aldie Gap in Loudoun County, Virginia, on June 17, 1863. The four squadrons of the First Massachusetts Cavalry bore much of the brunt of the sharp cavalry fight there, losing around half their men when they were charged down by a full regiment of Virginia cavalry under Colonel Thomas L. Rosser. Higginson was knocked from his horse, and suffered a sabre slash and a pistol wound. His brother, James, was captured. Here he gives an account of the action, and its immediate aftermath. Recovered from the battlefield and his wounds successfully treated, Higginson became a wealthy banker and founded the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1881. (By John Osborne)


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