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In Hanover County, Virginia, Pennsylvania cavalry capture W.H.F. "Rooney" Lee, son of Robert E. Lee

William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, detail
The 11th Pennsylvania, along with smaller detachments of Massachusetts and Illinois cavalrymen, under Colonel Samuel P. Spear, had left White House, Virginia three days before on a reconnaissance in the area around South Anna. Along the way, they raided the estate of the Wickham family at Hickory Hill and found General W.H.F. Lee, son of Robert E. Lee, and a Wickham son-in-law, recuperating from his Brandy Station wounds. He was taken and held in New York for almost eight months before being exchanged for Union General Neal Dow.  (By John Osborne)  
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Chronicles of the Great Rebellion Against the United States of America ... (Philadelphia, A. Winch, 1867), 57.