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U.S. Navy intercepts and destroys Confederate blockade-runner crossing the bar in Charleston Harbor

U.S.S. Catskill in action against a blockade runner, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, Summer 1863, artist's impression.
07/19/1863 to 07/20/1863
Around midnight, the Union monitor U.S.S. Catskill, with Commander George Washington Rodgers in command, intercepted a large, side-wheeler blocade runner heading into Charleston Harbor.  Under the guns of Fort Sumter, the Catskill opened fire and the target ran aground near Sullivan's Island and caught fire.  Rodgers would be killed in action a month later in the August 17 bombardment of the Charleston Harbor forts.  (By John Osborne)  
Source Citation: 
"The Siege of Charleston," Harper's Weekly Illustrated, August 29, 1863, 551.