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Robert Cobb Kennedy, Confession of his efforts to fire New York City, given the day before his execution, March 24, 1865

Fort Lafayette, New York, circa 1905
Robert Cobb Kennedy had been one of the six men who had attempted to fire New York City in November, 1864. He had escaped to Canada but was later captured in Detroit, Michigan, trying to make his way back to the South. He was tried and sentenced to death as a spy. He admitted the attempted arson at the Lovejoy, Tammany, and New England hotels as well as Barnum's Museum. He was executed at Fort Lafayette in New York Harbor. The night before, he gave a "confession" as to his role in the arson, recounting his movements, his attempts to fire various places in Manhattan, and his conviction that he was acting in retaliation for the actions of Sherman's army as it marched through the South. (By John Osborne)