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In Auburn, New York, Francis Adeline Seward, wife of the Secretary of State William Seward, is laid to rest

Frances Adeline Seward, detail
Frances Adeline Miller Seward had married William Seward in 1824 and was his partner as he progressed from U.S. Senator to Governor of New York and then to the office of Secretary of State, giving birth to five children along the way.  She had died of a heart attack three days before, six weeks after the unsuccessful assassination attempt on her husband, and was buried in Auburn, New York after a service in St. Peter's Church in the town.  She was sixty years old.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
"The Obsequies of Mrs. Seward.From the Albany Evening Journal, June 27," New York Times, July 2, 1865, p. 3.