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"The Culprits," Chicago Tribune, February 23, 1866

Horace White, 1854, detail
In another heated editorial, probable author Horace White, leading Republican and editor-in-chief, continued the Chicago Tribune's attack on President Johnson's veto of the Freedmen's Bureau bill. Again, the first target are "the culprits," those Republican moderates who he claims encouraged the President to resist "radical" measures. New York Times editor Henry Jarvis Raymond comes in for particular treatment, as do Republican senators Edgar Cowan, James Doolittle, and James Dixon. He goes on to say that Secretary of State William Seward, in supporting Johnson, is "threatening the Republican party with dissolution, unless they desert their principles and go over to the ranks of the enemy." This will not happen, he write, and the party will emerge stronger still. (By John Osborne)


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