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Jonathan Worth, Address to the North Carolina Freedmen's Convention, Raleigh, North Carolina, October 3, 1866

Jonathan Worth, detail

A four day North Carolina Freedmen's Convention with around a hundred delegates from around the state was held in Raleigh with James H. Harris in the chair.  The sitting state governor Jonathan Worth addressed the meeting briefly on the second afternoon and the former governor William W. Holden spoke on the third day.  Many of the speeches from the delegates complained of the treatment that African-Americans were currently suffering at the hands of lawless white citizens. During Governor Worth's short speech reproduced here, he painted a much more rosy picture of race relations in North Carolina but pledged to protect the newly freed from such terrorism.  At the same time he urged them strongly to concentrate now on education and economic betterment rather than engage in state or national politics in any way. (By John Osborne)

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