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Resolutions, Democratic Party of Maryland in Convention, Baltimore, August 8, 1866.

Baltimore, 1853

Maryland's Democratic Party met at their convention to nominate candidates for minor state offices and for the national convention upcoming in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The political situation in Maryland was particularly tense and fluid in 1866 as the wartime alliances for the Union began to dissolve and the more Southern leaning Democrats returned to the political scene.  Politics in the state, in many ways, were returning to their pre-Civil War habits.  This series of resolutions passed at the convention demonstrate the typical Democratic approach at the time with a strong support for the policies of President Andrew Johnson to reunite the nation together with an appeal to a "conservative" interpretation of the Constitution and its defense against the "radicals" in the Congress and the Republican Party. The irony that many participants had just recently supported and participated in the war to defend the breaking up the country was not lost on their political opponents.  (By John Osborne)  


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