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In Honolulu, King Kamehamena V lays the cornerstone of what will be the Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew.

King Kamehamena V of Hawaii laying the cornerstone of the Episcopal Church, Honolulu, March 5, 1867, artist's impression.

King Kamehamena IV and Queen Emma of Hawaii were friends and admirers of Britain's Queen Victoria and had established the Church of England mission there with plans to build a cathedral church in Honolulu.  Before ground could be broken, the king had died, on Saint Andrew's Day 1863, and when the cornerstone was dedicated on this day, it was his brother, King Kamehalema V, and his widow who presided.  The church, when completed, became the Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew and remains today the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii.  (By John Osborne)

Source Citation: 

"Religion in Honolulu," Harper's Weekly, June 8, 1867, p. 365.