Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, New York, 1855, detail
Population, in 1810, 1508; 1820, 2095; 1830, 8653; 1840, 18,213; 1850, 42,261. Since the completion of the Erie Canal, and the chain of railroads connecting Buffalo with Albany, New York, and Boston, its position, at the eastern termination of the commerce through the great lakes, Erie, Huron, and Michigan, gives it a most commanding advantage for business. It is the gateway between the east and the west... (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)

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  City or Town
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Birthplace of

Wilkeson, Frank

Full name
  Frank Wilkeson

Wilkeson, Samuel

Samuel Wilkeson, circa 1859, detail
Full name
  Samuel Wilkeson
Burial place of

Fillmore, Abigail Powers

Abigail Powers Fillmore, detail
Full name
  Abigail Powers Fillmore

Fillmore, Millard

Millard Fillmore, detail
Full name
  Millard Fillmore

Ganson, John

John Ganson, detail
Full name
  John Ganson

Hall, Nathan Kelsey

Nathan Kelsey Hall, detail
Full name
  Nathan Kelsey Hall

Heintzelman, Samuel Peter

Samuel Peter Heintzelman, detail
Full name
  Samuel Peter Heintzelman

Putnam, James Osborne

James Osborne Putnam, circa 1900
Full name
  John Osborne Putnam

Wilkeson, Bayard

Bayard Wilkeson, detail
Full name
  Bayard Wilkeson