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Datesort ascending Title Type
10/13/1929 John Brown's Raid By One Who Saw It Newspaper
02/12/1909 Recollection by James S. Owing, 1844-1860, in a Speech to the Illinois Schoolmasters' Club, Bloomington, Illinois, February 12, 1909 Book
10/30/1906 Lincoln in 1858 Newspaper
02/07/1892 With John Brown at Harper's Ferry Newspaper
06/08/1882 Carlisle (PA) Herald, "Without Headstones," June 8, 1882 Newspaper
05/25/1882 Carlisle (PA) Herald, "Headstones Arrived," May 25, 1882 Newspaper
05/12/1880 to 05/13/1880
John G. Nicolay's conversation with James Moorhead, May 12-13, 1880 Miscellaneous
03/19/1880 New York Times, "A Patriot's Family in Distress," March 18, 1880 Newspaper
09/25/1875 "Moncure Daniel Conway," Harper's Magazine, September 25, 1875. Periodical
03/14/1872 Carlisle (PA) Herald, “The Old Question in New Shape,” March 14, 1872 Newspaper
03/07/1872 Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Lecture by Frederick Douglass,” March 7, 1872 Newspaper
03/07/1872 Carlisle (PA) Herald, “Untitled,” March 7, 1872 Newspaper
02/01/1872 Carlisle (PA) Herald, “Untitled,” February 1, 1872 Newspaper
01/01/1872 Daniel Bonsall to William Still, 1872 Letter
12/04/1871 William Whipper to William Still, December 4, 1871 Letter
11/07/1871 John Hunn to William Still, November 7, 1871 Letter
11/01/1871 Hiram Corson to Robert Corson, November 1, 1871 Letter
08/17/1867 Daniel Sickles, Confirmation of sentences in the case of the whipping of Phillis Ruffin, Charleston, South Carolina, August 17, 1867, Military record
03/23/1867 "The Southern View of the Reconstruction Bill," Harper's Weekly Magazine, March 23, 1867. Periodical
03/02/1867 United States Congress, "An Act to provide for the more efficient Government of the Rebel States," March 2, 1867. Legislative record
03/02/1867 United States Congress, "An Act regulating the Tenure of certain Civil Offices," March 2, 1867 Legislative record
02/01/1867 The Golden Hour Newspaper
01/07/1867 James M. Ashley, Motion to Impeach the President of the United States, floor of the House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., January 7, 1867. Legislative record
11/25/1866 Second Lieutenant J.R. King to Lieutenant-Colonel W.F. Drum, Lebanon, Kentucky, November 25, 1866. Military record
11/09/1866 Address of the Colored Convention of Indiana to the Citizens of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Speech
10/01/1866 Jonathan Worth, Address to the North Carolina Freedmen's Convention, Raleigh, North Carolina, October 3, 1866 Speech
09/20/1866 John Gray Foster to Ulysses S. Grant, September 20, 1866, Tallahassee, Florida. Military record
09/19/1866 Resolutions, The Convention of Southern Soldiers, Memphis, Tennessee, September 19, 1866. Miscellaneous
09/18/1866 Gordon Granger, et al, to Nathan Bedford Forrest, et al., September 18, 1866, Cleveland, Ohio. Letter
09/17/1866 Oliver O. Howard to Edwin Stanton, Washington, DC, September 17, 1866. Letter
09/17/1866 Nathan Bedford Forrest, et al, to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, September 17, 1866, Memphis, Tennessee. Letter
08/30/1866 Resolutions, Republican Party of Michigan in Convention, August 30, 1866, Detroit, Michigan. Miscellaneous
08/22/1866 Resolutions, Union League of Philadelphia, August 22, 1866, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Miscellaneous
08/20/1866 Andrew Johnson, Proclamation Declaring the Insurrection at an End in Texas, and Civil Authority existing throughout the whole of the United States, August 20, 1866, Washington, D.C. Executive record
08/15/1866 Resolutions, the Unconditional Union party of Maryland in Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, August 15, 1866. Miscellaneous
08/08/1866 Resolutions, Republican Party of Illinois in Convention, August 8, 1866, Springfield, Illinois Legislative record
08/08/1866 Resolutions, Democratic Party of Maryland in Convention, Baltimore, August 8, 1866. Miscellaneous
08/06/1866 Philip H. Sheridan to Andrew Johnson, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 6, 1866. Military record
08/04/1866 Andrew Johnson to Philip H. Sheridan, Washington, DC, August 4, 1866. Executive record
08/03/1866 Philip H. Sheridan to Ulysses S. Grant, New Orleans, August 3, 1866. Military record
08/02/1866 Philip H. Sheridan to Ulysses S. Grant, New Orleans, August 2, 1866. Military record
08/01/1866 Philip H. Sheridan to Ulysses S. Grant, New Orleans, August 1, 1866. Military record
07/30/1866 John Tompkins Monroe to the People of New Orleans, New Orleans, July 30, 1866. Legislative record
07/23/1866 Edmund Abell to the Grand Jury of the Criminal Court, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 23, 1866. Judicial record
07/18/1866 Resolutions, Democratic Party of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania in Convention, Reading, Pennsylvania, July 18, 1866. Miscellaneous
06/28/1866 Resolution of the "Conservative Republicans" in Convention, Des Moines, Iowa, June 28, 1866. Miscellaneous
06/16/1866 Conclusions, Majority Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, U.S. Congress, June 16, 1866 Legislative record
06/14/1866 M.L. Burns to the Officers and Soldiers of the Irish Army in Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, June 14, 1866. Letter
06/08/1866 Conclusions, Majority Report of the Joint Committee of the United States Senate and House of Representatives on Reconstruction, June 8, 1866, Washington, D.C. Legislative record
06/02/1866 William Seward to Judson Kilpatrick, Washington, DC, June 2, 1866 Letter