Datesort icon Title Type
Col. Harvey Brown to Gen. Lorenzo Thomas, November 25, 1861 Military record
Gen. Braxton Bragg, Congratulation on the November 22-23, 1861 Florida bombardment, November 25, 1861 Military record
Judah P. Benjamin to Colonel W.B. Wood, Instructions concerning Eastern Tennessee, November 25, 1861 Military record
Colonel Charles R. Jennison, Proclamation to the People of Eastern Missouri, November 26, 1861 Military record
Brigadier-General Charles F. Smith, General Orders No. 36, Paducah, Kentucky, November 27, 1861 Military record
Colonel George D. Bayard, First Pennsylvania Cavalry, Report on Expedition to Dranesville, Virginia, November 27, 1861 Military record
Major-General George McClellan, General Orders No. 48 on Chaplains and the Army, November 27, 1861 Military record
Major-General David Hunter to Trustees of Platte City, Missouri, December 1, 1861 Military record
Abraham Lincoln, Annual Message to Congress, December 3, 1861 Speech
New York Times, “The Slave Question,” December 4, 1861 Newspaper
Brigadier General John W. Phelps, Proclamation to "The Loyal Citizens of the Southwest," December 4, 1861 Military record
William H. Seward to George B. McClellan, Contrabands in District of Columbia, December 4, 1861 Executive record
Memorandum by Alexander T. Galt, Canadian diplomat, describing interview with Abraham Lincoln, December 5, 1861 Miscellaneous
Alexander Galt to Amy Galt, Washington DC, December 5, 1861 Letter
Claiborne Fox Jackson to the Soldiers and Fellow-Citizens of Missouri, December 13, 1861 Executive record
Alexandria (VA) Local News, “Runaway and Serious Accident,” December 14, 1861 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to Arnold Fischel, December 14, 1861 Letter
Nannie Colwell to James Colwell, December 15, 1861 Letter
Chillicothe (OH) Scioto Gazette, “The World Begins to Know Us,” December 17, 1861 Newspaper
Secretary William H. Seward to General Andrew Porter, Arrest Order for George Wallace Jones, December 19, 1861 Executive record