Datesort icon Title Type
Proclamation of Governor John A. Andrew, March 1, 1862 Executive record
Shreveport (LA) News, “A Pretty Severe Order,” March 11, 1862 Newspaper
Major-General George Brinton McClellan to the Army of the Potomac Military record
Horace Greeley to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 24, 1862, New York City Letter
Acting Brigadier General Thomas M. Jones, CSA to the people of Pensacola, Florida Military record
Major General Albert Sidney Johnston to the Army of the Mississippi, April 3, 1862 Military record
Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “Mob-Law by the Ladies,” April 7, 1862 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to George B. McClellan, April 9, 1862 Letter
President Abraham Lincoln, Proclamation to the Nation Executive record
President Abraham Lincoln, Signing statement for the Bill to Abolish Slavery in the District of Columbia Executive record
Shreveport (LA) News, “The Ladies Making Shoes,” April 25, 1862 Newspaper
Mayor John T. Monroe to Flag-Officer David Farragut Executive record
Resolutions of the Citizens of Franklin County, Missouri in support of President Lincoln's policies on slavery Legislative record
Abraham Lincoln to Hannibal Hamlin, April 28, 1862 Letter
Major General Benjamin F. Butler, Proclamation to the Citizens of New Orleans, May 1, 1862 Military record
Major-General Mansfield Lovell, General Order 17, May 3, 1862 Military record
Henry Massey Rector to the Freemen of Arkansas, Little Rock, May 5, 1862 Executive record
Abraham Lincoln to Henry Wilson, May 15, 1862 Letter
Major General Benjamin F. Butler, General Order Number 28, May 15, 1862 Military record
Abraham Lincoln, Proclamation Revoking General Hunter's May 9, 1862 Order of Military Emancipation, May 19, 1862 Executive record