Type Date spansort icon Title
US/the World 11/12/1864 In South America, Paraguayan naval units seize a Brazilian steamship and touch off a crisis that will lead to war
Campaigns/Elections 11/08/1864 Abraham Lincoln is re-elected as President of the United States and Republicans make sweeping electoral gains
Crime/Disasters 11/04/1864 British naval vessel is shipwrecked on the Chinese coast with a very heavy loss of life
Religion/Philosophy 11/02/1864 All Souls' Day - The Day of the Dead in the Christian calendar
Lawmaking/Litigating 10/31/1864 From the White House in Washington, President Lincoln proclaims Nevada as the Union's 36th state
US/the World 10/30/1864 In Austria, Prussia and Austria's victorious war against Denmark comes to an official end with the Treaty of Vienna
Battles/Soldiers 10/28/1864 Union cavalry General George Custer leads a delegation to present captured battle-flags to the War Department
US/the World 10/27/1864 At the Quebec Conference, delegates announce their seventy-two resolutions for a united Canada
Battles/Soldiers 10/27/1864—10/28/1864 In the Roanoke River, a daring U.S. Navy night raid sinks the Confederate warship Albemarle
US/the World 10/22/1864 In Yokohama, Western powers force indemnities from Japanese authorities for interfering with trade
Battles/Soldiers 10/19/1864 In the Shenandoah Valley, Union troops under Sheridan turn defeat into crushing victory at the Battle of Cedar Creek
Battles/Soldiers 10/19/1864 Confederate raiders infiltrating from Canada attack the Vermont town of St. Albans
Battles/Soldiers 10/18/1864 Invalided back to Philadelphia from the front with sickness, Major General David Birney dies at his home
Science/Technology 10/13/1864 The largest warship built in Philadelphia yards up to then, the U.S.S. Chattanooga, is launched
Personal 10/12/1864 In Maryland, Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney dies in office
US/the World 10/12/1864 In South America, units of Brazil's army invade the Uruguayan province of Cerro Largo
10/11/1864 In Philadelphia. the National Union, supporting President Lincoln, scores impressive wins in state and city elections
Religion/Philosophy 10/10/1864 Yom Kippur - the Jewish Day of Atonement
US/the World 10/10/1864—10/26/1864 In Quebec City, delegates from Canadian provinces are meeting to agree resolutions for a united Canada
Battles/Soldiers 10/07/1864 In Virginia, Confederate attempts to relieve pressure on Petersburg are defeated on the Darbytown and New Market Roads