Type Date spansort icon Title
Crime/Disasters 06/15/1865—06/28/1865 In Washington's Old Penitentiary, final arguments are being made in the Lincoln conspiracy trial
Education/Culture 06/15/1865 In Brooklyn, the visiting Athletic Baseball Club of Philadelphia defeats the Resolute Club of Brooklyn 39-14.
Crime/Disasters 06/14/1865 In Washington's Old Penitentiary, the taking of evidence in the Lincoln conspiracy trial concludes
Crime/Disasters 06/13/1865 In a spectacular and destructive fire, P.T. Barnum's American Museum burns to the ground in New York City
Education/Culture 06/13/1865 The Irish future Nobel Prize for Literature winner William Butler Yeats is born in Dublin
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/13/1865 President Johnson appoints long-time judge William L. Sharkey as provisional governor of Mississippi
US/the World 06/11/1865 In South America, a Brazilian river fleet defeats Paraguayan naval forces at the Battle of Riachuelo
Battles/Soldiers 06/10/1865 In a rainy Philadelphia, General George Meade leads Philadelphia's veterans in a welcome home parade
Education/Culture 06/10/1865 In Munich, Germany, Richard Wagner's epic opera "Tristan and Isolde" finally has its premiere performance
Crime/Disasters 06/09/1865 In south-east England, a train crash kills ten people but passenger Charles Dickens narrowly survives
Crime/Disasters 06/09/1865 In Nashville, Tennessee, a massive fire destroys a government warehouse and four million dollars in goods
Religion/Philosophy 06/08/1865 In a London ceremony, Henry Edward Manning is consecrated as the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster
Education/Culture 06/08/1865 The New York Yacht Club holds its annual regatta off the coast of Long Island
Battles/Soldiers 06/08/1865 General Ulysses S. Grant visits the United States Military Academy and reviews the Corps of Cadets
Crime/Disasters 06/07/1865 In central England, the crash of an excursion train with eight hundred passengers kills ten people
Crime/Disasters 06/07/1865 In the Caribbean, relief ships rescue passengers wrecked on a remote desert island the week before
Personal 06/06/1865 In a Louisville, Kentucky prison, notorious Confederate guerrilla leader William Quantrill dies of wounds
Religion/Philosophy 06/04/1865 In the small Yorkshire village of Horbury, "Onward Christian Soldiers" is sung for the first time
Personal 06/03/1865 In England, the future King George the Fifth is born at Marlborough House in London.
Personal 06/00/1865 Dana Conway, third son of Moncure Conway, is born in London, England