Type Date spansort icon Title
US/the World 04/25/1864 The London Peace Conference aimed at ending the German-Danish war breaks up in failure
Crime/Disasters 04/25/1864 In Philadelphia, a massive boiler explosion on Cherry Street kills seven
Education/Culture 04/23/1864 Celebrations for the 300th birthday of William Shakespeare are held around the world, but not in Paris
Religion/Philosophy 04/21/1864—04/28/1864 Passover
US/the World 04/18/1864 In the Second Schleswig War, Prussian forces assault and capture the important Danish strong point of Dybbøl
Religion/Philosophy 04/15/1864 In Korea, Su-un, founder of the Donghak religious sect, is executed for heresy at Daegu
US/the World 04/14/1864 Spanish naval forces seize Peru's guano-rich Chincha Islands to enforce compensation demands
US/the World 04/10/1864 At Miramar Castle in Trieste, Austria, Archduke Maximilian officially accepts the imperial throne of Mexico
Religion/Philosophy 04/05/1864 In Korea, Su-un, founder of the Donghak religious sect, is tried and found guilty of heresy
US/the World 04/03/1864 Giuseppe Garibaldi arrives in England for a month long visit
Crime/Disasters 03/29/1864 TransAtlantic steamship from New York strikes a rock four miles from her Irish destination
US/the World 03/29/1864 The treaty formalizing the new Greek monarchy, and the transfer of the Ionian Islands, is signed in London
Religion/Philosophy 03/27/1864 Easter Sunday
Education/Culture 03/26/1864 The Louisiana pianist Louis Gottschalk plays for General Grant at a gala concert in Grover's Hotel.
Personal 03/25/1864 Owen Lovejoy dies in New York City
Religion/Philosophy 03/25/1864 Good Friday
Education/Culture 03/24/1864 The Louisiana pianist Louis Gottschalk plays for President Lincoln at a concert in Willard's Hotel.
Battles/Soldiers 03/22/1864 In Philadelphia, a Massachusetts colonel dispenses rough justice to a tavern owner for selling his men liquor
Religion/Philosophy 03/20/1864 Palm Sunday
Science/Technology 03/20/1864 First day of Spring