Type Date spansort icon Title
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/23/1864 In Washington D.C., the U.S. Senate votes to repeal all remaining Federal Fugitive Slave Acts
Battles/Soldiers 06/20/1864 The private British steam yacht "Deerhound" lands rescued survivors of the raider "Alabama" at Southampton
Science/Technology 06/20/1864 The summer of 1864 begins at precisely 11:44 pm, Washington DC time
Battles/Soldiers 06/19/1864 The Confederacy's most successful commerce raider meets its end off the French coast
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/15/1864 At the U.S. Capitol, the vote in the House on the proposed 13th Amendment to the Constitution fails
US/the World 06/12/1864 The newly sworn Emperor Maximilian of Mexico arrives in his capital city for the first time
Crime/Disasters 06/09/1864 In England, a serious railway collision kills five people returning from the famous race meeting at Ascot
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/08/1864 The U.S. Congress funds "separate but equal" schools for black children in the District of Columbia
Campaigns/Elections 06/07/1864 The combined Sanitary Fair of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware opens in Philadelphia
US/the World 06/06/1864 In a formal ceremony on Corfu, Britain officially transfers the Ionian Islands to Greece
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/31/1864 At the U.S. Capitol, debate begins in the House on the proposed 13th Amendment to the Constitution
US/the World 05/28/1864 At Vera Cruz, Emperor Maximilian of Mexico arrives in his new country for the first time
US/the World 05/28/1864 On Corfu, British officials transfer administration of the Ionian Islands to Greece
Education/Culture 05/25/1864 In England, the horse Blair Athol wins the eighty-fifth running of the Derby
Education/Culture 05/23/1864 Nathaniel Hawthorne is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts
US/the World 05/23/1864 In London, the formal royal celebrations of the Queen's official birthday return after a four year hiatus
Education/Culture 05/19/1864 Famous writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, dies in his sleep while touring New Hampshire's White Mountains
Battles/Soldiers 05/15/1864 Private William Stoker dies sometime after the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry in May 1864
Battles/Soldiers 05/11/1864 Thousands of Union wounded from the Battle of the Wilderness begin to arrive in Philadelphia hospitals
US/the World 05/09/1864 Danish and Austrian naval units clash in the North Sea at the Battle of Heligoland