Type Date spansort icon Title
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/05/1865 The new United States Secret Service goes into operation for the Treasury Department
Crime/Disasters 07/04/1865 At the Baltimore depot, the presidential rail car, the President not aboard, collides with a freight train
Education/Culture 07/04/1865 In Boston, Massachusetts unveils a statue of educational reformer Horace Mann at the State Capitol
Battles/Soldiers 07/04/1865 The cornerstone is laid for the Soldiers' Monument at Gettysburg's National Soldiers' Cemetery
Education/Culture 07/04/1865 In London, the first edition of Lewis Carroll's "Alice on Wonderland" is published, only to be swiftly withdrawn
Crime/Disasters 07/04/1865 Fireworks at a picnic result in most of the town of Denton, Maryland burning to the ground
Crime/Disasters 07/04/1865 In Nashville, Tennessee, notorious Confederate guerrilla leader, Champ Ferguson is arraigned for murder
Business/Industry 07/03/1865 In Washington D.C., the planned reopening of Ford's Theater causes public and governmental consternation
Crime/Disasters 07/03/1865 In Washington, D.C., Mary Harris goes on trial for the sensational murder of her former lover at the Treasury building
Religion/Philosophy 07/02/1865 In England, William Booth preaches for the first time in East London, where he will found the Salvation Army
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/01/1865 President Johnson appoints Benjamin Franklin Perry as provisional governor of South Carolina
Crime/Disasters 07/01/1865 In New York, a passenger train on the Hudson River Line derails and injuries are reported, one fatal
Crime/Disasters 07/01/1865 A powerful storm strikes Philadelphia and causes heavy damage, including the bringing down of a church steeple
Science/Technology 06/30/1865 In Washington, D.C., oppressive heat is reported, along with thunderstorms
Crime/Disasters 06/30/1865 A series of storms causes heavy damage to crops, farms, and railroads in northern Iowa
Education/Culture 06/30/1865 In Massachusetts, Williams College beats visiting Princeton at baseball, 30-17
Crime/Disasters 06/29/1865 In Washington's Old Penitentiary, the Commission in the Lincoln conspiracy trial begin their deliberations
Crime/Disasters 06/29/1865 In Wisconsin, at least seventeen people die as a killer tornado devastates the village of Viroqua in Vernon County
Battles/Soldiers 06/28/1865 In the far north Pacific, the last Confederate raider decimates the American whaling fleet in a single day
Campaigns/Elections 06/28/1865 In Winchester, a mass meeting of area Unionists protests the return of Confederates to office in Virginia