Type Date spansort icon Title
Education/Culture 08/21/1865—08/23/1865 In Maryland, thousands of German-Americans are attending a three day "Schutzen Fest" held in Baltimore
Crime/Disasters 08/21/1865 On the Mississippi, a steamboat explosion kills up to ten people, including Ohio infantrymen heading home
Personal 08/18/1865 In Illinois, General U.S. Grant returns to his hometown of Galena for the first time since the outbreak of the war
Battles/Soldiers 08/17/1865 In Georgia, Clara Barton raises the Stars and Stripes over the new National Cemetery at Andersonville
Crime/Disasters 08/15/1865 In Connecticut, a locomotive ploughs into the back of a passenger train, killing at least seven and injuring many more
Crime/Disasters 08/15/1865 Alleged embezzlers, accused of defrauding the Phoenix Bank of up to $300,000 face a New York City Court
Science/Technology 08/15/1865 The Suez Canal sees the first small vessel transit from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea
Education/Culture 08/12/1865 New Jersey farming families make for the beach on the day of the Grand Annual Farmer's Picnic
Crime/Disasters 08/09/1865 Two passenger steamers collide on Lake Huron and scores of passengers and crew are lost
Education/Culture 08/08/1865 On the Thames, in London, Harry Kelley regains his world sculling championship
Education/Culture 08/07/1865 In upstate New York, the annual six-day horse racing meeting opens at Saratoga
Crime/Disasters 07/31/1865 Hundreds of passengers and crew have a lucky escape when their steamship burns in the Atlantic
Science/Technology 07/31/1865 In the Atlantic, the latest effort to lay a transatlantic telegraph cable fails when the cable breaks and is lost
Crime/Disasters 07/30/1865 Off the Oregon coast, a loaded passenger ship sinks in a massive storm with heavy loss of life
Crime/Disasters 07/30/1865 In New York, a brawl between two city inspectors turns deadly and one is shot to death
Crime/Disasters 07/29/1865 In Washington, D.C., heavy rainfall damages the White House
Battles/Soldiers 07/29/1865 General Ulysses S. Grant continues his victory tour of American cities, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts
Campaigns/Elections 07/28/1865 In Virginia, Union General Alfred Terry voids the recent Richmond city elections
Personal 07/27/1865 Ulysses S. Grant arrives at the resort in Saratoga, New York on the next stage of his victory tour
Crime/Disasters 07/26/1865 In Tennessee, gunfire erupts on the streets of Nashville and a prominent citizen is killed