Type Date spansort icon Title
Personal 04/12/1865 Twenty-six year old Union General Frederic Winthrop is buried with great ceremony in New York City
Education/Culture 04/12/1865 The New York turf season opens on Long Island with a $500 five heat trotting contest
Religion/Philosophy 04/12/1865—04/17/1865 Passover
Religion/Philosophy 04/11/1865 Passover begins
Science/Technology 04/10/1865 A Lunar Eclipse is seen through much of the southern states
Battles/Soldiers 04/10/1865 Two Dickinson College alumni clash in one of the last cavalry engagements of the war in Virginia
Battles/Soldiers 04/09/1865 At dawn, the Army of Northern Virginia makes one last effort to break out the Union encirclement
Religion/Philosophy 04/09/1865 Palm Sunday
Personal 04/09/1865 Erich Ludendorff, future World War German Army commander, is born in present-day Poland
Battles/Soldiers 04/09/1865 Robert E. Lee meets Ulysses Grant at the village of Appomattox Court House and surrenders his army
Battles/Soldiers 04/08/1865 In Virginia, Custer's cavalry captures vital supplies and blocks the Confederate retreat at Appomattox Station
Education/Culture 04/08/1865 On the River Thames in London, Oxford scores its fifth consecutive victory over Cambridge in the annual University Boat Race
Battles/Soldiers 04/08/1865 General U.S. Grant, Union commander, receives a response from Confederate General Robert E. Lee concerning surrender
Battles/Soldiers 04/08/1865 Ulysses S. Grant, Union commander, hints at generous terms and suggests to Robert E. Lee they meet face to face
Battles/Soldiers 04/07/1865 General U.S. Grant, Union commander, contacts Confederate General Robert E. Lee to suggest Lee's surrender
Battles/Soldiers 04/06/1865 At Sailor's Creek, the Army of Northern Virginia loses almost a quarter of its remaining strength
Battles/Soldiers 04/06/1865 In Virginia, Confederate corps commander General Richard S. Ewell is taken prisoner, along with four of his generals
Battles/Soldiers 04/05/1865 In Amelia County, Virginia, the Army of the Potomac consolidates to block General Lee's retreat towards Danville
Crime/Disasters 04/05/1865 In Washington, Secretary of State Seward is injured quite badly when thrown from his carriage
Battles/Soldiers 04/05/1865—04/07/1865 In the Chesapeake Bay, Confederate boarders seize a civilian transport ship and flee to the Virginia shore