Type Date spansort icon Title
US/the World 08/08/1864 In Belfast, the unveiling of a statue in Dublin to Daniel O'Connell touches off anti-Catholic demonstrations
US/the World 08/04/1864 In South America, Brazil delivers Uruguay an ultimatum over the security of its southern border
Battles/Soldiers 07/30/1864 In Pennsylvania, the third Confederate occupation of Chambersburg proves unlucky as the town is burned to the ground
Battles/Soldiers 07/30/1864 In Virginia, a spectacular Union attempt to break the siege of Petersburg ends in disaster in "The Battle of the Crater"
Battles/Soldiers 07/22/1864 At the Battle of Atlanta, the Union's Army of the Tennessee defeats Confederate attempts to defend the city
Battles/Soldiers 07/22/1864 General James McPherson, commanding the Union's Army of the Tennessee, is killed at the Battle of Atlanta
Battles/Soldiers 07/22/1864 In Georgia, Union Colonel John W. Sprague fights a determined rearguard action and saves his Army's supply trains
Crime/Disasters 07/20/1864 In Philadelphia, parts of a female asylum collapse, killing fifteen patients and injuring twenty more
US/the World 07/19/1864 Chinese Imperial forces capture Nanjing, breaking at last the resistance of the Taiping Rebellion
Battles/Soldiers 07/18/1864 Confederate raiders infiltrating from Canada fail in an attempt to rob the town bank in Calais, Maine
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/18/1864 In a proclamation, President Lincoln explains why he refuses to sign the Wade-Davis Bill on Reconstruction
Battles/Soldiers 07/17/1864 Confederate President Davis removes General Joe Johnston as commander of the Army of the Tennessee
Science/Technology 07/08/1864 In London, a major engineering project begins to construct the Victorian Embankment along the Thames
Legal/Political 07/04/1864 The first session of the 38th Congress ends in Washington DC
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/02/1864 The U.S. Congress passes the Wade-Davis Bill that sets radical requirements for Reconstruction
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/29/1864 Salmon P. Chase resigns as Secretary of the Treasury
Crime/Disasters 06/29/1864 Near Montreal, a passenger train crashes into the Richelieu River and 99 people die
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/29/1864 The House of Representatives upholds Senate on banning exclusion from U.S. courts on grounds of race
Battles/Soldiers 06/28/1864 The Union Army crosses the James River, ending Grant's Overland Campaign and besieging Petersburg
Battles/Soldiers 06/27/1864 In Georgia, Sherman's direct assault on Confederate positions on Kennesaw Mountain fails with heavy losses