Type Date spansort icon Title
Crime/Disasters 07/21/1865 In Springfield, Missouri, "Will Bill" Hickok duels with Davis Hutt in the town square, shooting him in the heart
Science/Technology 07/20/1865 In London, the cornerstone is laid for the new Blackfriars Bridge across the Thames
Crime/Disasters 07/20/1865 A transport ship sinks shortly after leaving port in North Carolina, drowning seventeen soldiers
Science/Technology 07/19/1865 Co-founder of the Mayo Clinic, Charles Horace Mayo is born in Rochester, Minnesota
Crime/Disasters 07/19/1865 In Washington, Mary Harris is acquitted of murder by reason of temporary insanity after a sensational trial
Education/Culture 07/18/1865 On the Hudson River off Poughkeepsie, New York, a boat race for a purse of $6000 ends in controversy
US/the World 07/18/1865 In England, William Gladstone loses his seat in the ongoing General Election
Crime/Disasters 07/16/1865 Severe flash flooding causes heavy damage in Philadelphia region of New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Education/Culture 07/15/1865—07/21/1865 The ninth German-American Saengerfest, a massive week-long choral convention is held in New York City
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/15/1865 President Johnson orders the surviving Lincoln conspirators to serve their sentences off coast of Florida
Crime/Disasters 07/14/1865 In the Alps, the Matterhorn is climbed for the first time but disaster strikes the climbers on the way down
Battles/Soldiers 07/14/1865 In Indian Territory, the Chickasaw Nation becomes the last Confederate entity formally to surrender
Personal 07/14/1865 Thirty-three year old war artist W.T. Crane dies in Washington D.C. of a disease of the throat
Crime/Disasters 07/13/1865 In Warren, Illinois, a early morning fire burns out nine buildings in the commercial district of the town
Business/Industry 07/12/1865 In New York City, continued upset over labor troubles with street cleaning spill over into violence
Business/Industry 07/12/1865 Bargains are the order of the day as the Navy sells thirty vessels by auction at the Brooklyn Navy-Yard
Business/Industry 07/11/1865—07/14/1865 In Detroit, the Board of Trade hosts a Commercial Convention of North American business interests
Crime/Disasters 07/11/1865 In Nashville, the war crimes trial of notorious Confederate guerrilla leader Champ Ferguson begins
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/10/1865 On Secretary of War Stanton's orders, troops surround Ford's Theater and prevent its re-opening
Crime/Disasters 07/10/1865 In East Albany, New York, gunfire erupts in police court as family members seek revenge on two rapists