Type Date spansort icon Title
Campaigns/Elections 03/13/1866 In New Hampshire, Republicans are re-elected with increased majorities in the annual state elections
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/13/1866 In Boston, six men convicted of tarring and feathering a man for celebrating Lincoln's murder are pardoned
Crime/Disasters 03/12/1866 Former Confederate General George Pickett reaches out to his old West Point friend U.S. Grant for amnesty
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/10/1866 Georgia votes an additional state tax to provide for distressed Confederate veterans and their families
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/10/1866 In Raleigh, the state legislature defines by law the definition and legal status of black North Carolinians
Campaigns/Elections 03/07/1866 In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Republicans nominate former Union General John White Geary for governor
Crime/Disasters 03/07/1866 Colonel Theodore Bowers of Grant's staff is accidentally killed boarding the General's train at West Point
Lawmaking/Litigating 03/06/1866 In Washington, the U.S. Senate votes to confirm the official transfer of two Virginia counties to West Virginia
Campaigns/Elections 03/05/1866 Pennsylvania Democrats convene in Harrisburg, praise the president, nominate Hiester Clymer for governor
Crime/Disasters 03/02/1866 In Louisiana, a black U.S.C.T. soldier is executed for killing a white civilian in an October 1865 street confrontation
Science/Technology 02/28/1866 In a rare astronomical occurrence, February 1866 ends without experiencing a single full moon
Education/Culture 02/27/1866 The University of Michigan reported as the largest in the land, with more than 1,050 students
Crime/Disasters 02/27/1866 In Indiana, an overnight train derails and sends passengers cars off a bridge injuring dozens
Campaigns/Elections 02/27/1866 In Illinois, a municipal election sees Cairo Democrats strengthen their grip on city offices
Crime/Disasters 02/26/1866 On the St. Louis, Missouri levee, three Mississippi steamboats undergoing repairs are destroyed in a fire.
Personal 02/26/1866 In New York, an accident with a loaded experimental rifle slightly wounds General U.S. Grant
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/26/1866 President Johnson dismisses his critic, Jane Grey Swisshelm, from her War Department job
Science/Technology 02/25/1866 The "Calaveras Skull" is found and touted as proof of pre-historic Californians before later being proved a hoax
Crime/Disasters 02/25/1866 In Boone County, Kentucky, white "rangers" beat a freed slave and force him and his family to leave
Crime/Disasters 02/24/1866 A large tornado hits Knoxville in the early morning causing heavy damage but no reported serious casualties