Type Date spansort icon Title
Battles/Soldiers 09/19/1864 In the Shenandoah Valley, Union forces triumph at the hard-fought Third Battle of Winchester
Battles/Soldiers 09/19/1864 In Virginia, George S. Patton, Sr., grandfather of the famous World War II general, is mortally wounded
Battles/Soldiers 09/16/1864—09/17/1864 In Prince George County, Virginia, Confederate raiders make off with thousands of Union cattle
Lawmaking/Litigating 09/07/1864 The people of Nevada vote on their proposed constitution and statehood
Crime/Disasters 09/03/1864 Near Norfolk, Virginia, a veteran U.S. Navy frigate burns and sinks at her moorings
Battles/Soldiers 09/02/1864 The Union's Army of the Tennessee captures Atlanta, boosting northern morale and Republican prospects
US/the World 09/01/1864—09/07/1864 At Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, provincial delegates meet to discuss possible Canadian unity
Battles/Soldiers 09/01/1864 Career soldier Absalom Baird wins the Medal of Honor, leading a bayonet charge at Jonesborough
Battles/Soldiers 08/31/1864—09/01/1864 Union forces break the last Confederate efforts to defend Atlanta at the Battle of Jonesborough
Campaigns/Elections 08/29/1864—08/31/1864 In Chicago, the Democratic Party meets for its national nominating convention
Battles/Soldiers 08/24/1864 The U.S.S. Niagara visits Dover on the English coast to drop off a captured British crew
Battles/Soldiers 08/21/1864 In Tennessee, Confederate General Forrest's cavalry makes a daring raid into the streets of Union-held Memphis
US/the World 08/15/1864—08/17/1864 In Belfast, Catholics retaliate against Protestant rioters and the mobs battle in the streets
Battles/Soldiers 08/15/1864 The U.S. Navy seizes a Confederate raider, now a British civilian vessel, off the coast of Portugal
Crime/Disasters 08/09/1864 In Virginia, a massive explosion at the Union supply depot at City Point kills more than forty workers
US/the World 08/08/1864 In Belfast, the unveiling of a statue in Dublin to Daniel O'Connell touches off anti-Catholic demonstrations
Battles/Soldiers 08/05/1864 In Mobile Bay, Alabama, U.S. naval forces win a comprehensive victory over the Confederate fleet
US/the World 08/04/1864 In South America, Brazil delivers Uruguay an ultimatum over the security of its southern border
Battles/Soldiers 07/30/1864 In Pennsylvania, the third Confederate occupation of Chambersburg proves unlucky as the town is burned to the ground
Battles/Soldiers 07/30/1864 In Virginia, a spectacular Union attempt to break the siege of Petersburg ends in disaster in "The Battle of the Crater"