Type Date spansort icon Title
Lawmaking/Litigating 04/25/1865 Secretary Edwin Stanton intervenes to ensure African-American participation in New York's funeral procession
US/the World 04/24/1865 In the French coast resort of Nice, the heir to the Russian Empire dies of meningitis, aged twenty-one
Personal 04/24/1865 Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Philadelphia before dawn and moves across New Jersey
Personal 04/24/1865 President Lincoln's remains arrive in New York City to lay in state at City Hall
Lawmaking/Litigating 04/24/1865 President Johnson sets May 25th as a day of "special humiliation and prayer" for Abraham Lincoln
Battles/Soldiers 04/23/1865—04/24/1865 On the Mississippi, a Confederate warship makes a bold breakout and almost reaches the open sea
Personal 04/22/1865—04/23/1865 In Philadelphia, President Lincoln's remains lay in state at Independence Hall for two days
Personal 04/22/1865 Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Harrisburg and rolls across the Pennsylvania countryside to Philadelphia
Personal 04/21/1865 At eight o'clock in the morning President Lincoln begins his twelve-day journey home from Washington D.C.
Personal 04/21/1865 At ten o'clock in the morning President Lincoln's remains reach Baltimore to lie in state there for several hours
Crime/Disasters 04/21/1865 Doctor Samuel Mudd, who treated and sheltered John Wilkes Booth, is arrested at his Maryland farm
Battles/Soldiers 04/21/1865 At Salem, Virginia, legendary cavalry commander Colonel J.S. Mosby bids his command farewell for the last time
Personal 04/20/1865 The body of slain President Lincoln is laying in state in the United States Capitol rotunda
Crime/Disasters 04/20/1865 George Atzerodt, failed assassin in the John Wilkes Booth conspiracy, is captured in Maryland
Crime/Disasters 04/20/1865 At the War Department, Secretary Stanton announced large rewards for the capture of the Lincoln conspirators
Personal 04/19/1865 The funeral service for President Lincoln takes place in the White House East Room at noon
Battles/Soldiers 04/18/1865 General W.T. Sherman, negotiating Confederate surrender in North Carolina, makes a political blunder
Religion/Philosophy 04/18/1865 Passover ends
Science/Technology 04/18/1865 In Philadelphia, a new public hospital for contagious diseases is turned over to the Board of Health
Battles/Soldiers 04/17/1865 In North Carolina, CSA General J. E. Johnston opens surrender talks with Union General W. T. Sherman