Type Date spansort icon Title
US/the World 03/10/1864 King Maximilian II dies suddenly in Munich and is succeeded by his son, who becomes Ludwig II
Crime/Disasters 03/06/1864 Famous former blockade runner, now a U.S. Navy patrol vessel, sunk in a collision off North Carolina
Battles/Soldiers 03/05/1864 In Union Square in New York City, the 20th U. S. C. T. receives its colors and departs for New Orleans
Campaigns/Elections 03/05/1864 In New Orleans, Michael Hahn is inaugurated as the first elected post-Confederate governor of Louisiana
Crime/Disasters 02/22/1864 Off the coast of Maine, a passenger ship from Liverpool runs on to rocks, and twenty lives are lost
Crime/Disasters 02/22/1864 In London, British authorities execute five seamen for murder on the high seas
Crime/Disasters 02/18/1864 A massive pre-dawn fire destroys a large section of Gloucester, Massachusetts
Battles/Soldiers 02/17/1864 In Charleston Harbor, the C.S.S. H.L. Hunley attacks and sinks the first ship ever lost to a submarine
Religion/Philosophy 02/10/1864 Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, is celebrated across the United States
Battles/Soldiers 02/10/1864—02/11/1864 Union spy Elizabeth Van Lew risks her life to shelter escaping Union officers in her Richmond home
Battles/Soldiers 02/09/1864 The New York City fire department welcomes home the Second Regiment of Fire Zouaves
Battles/Soldiers 02/09/1864—02/10/1864 In Richmond, 109 Union officers prisoners tunnel out of confinement and make for the Union lines
Battles/Soldiers 02/06/1864—02/07/1864 Confederate infantry beat back a Union reconnaissance-in-force across the Rapidan at Morton's Ford
Crime/Disasters 02/05/1864 In Hartford, Connecticut, Samuel Colt's arms factory suffers massive destruction by fire
US/the World 02/03/1864 In Schleswig, Danish troops fight their first battles against invading Austrians
Battles/Soldiers 02/02/1864 In North Carolina, Confederate sailors and marines capture a Union gunboat in a night attack
US/the World 02/01/1864 German and Austrian troops advance into Danish Schleswig, opening a six month war with the Danes
Battles/Soldiers 01/26/1864 Major Edgar Burroughs, C.S.A., convicted guerrilla leader, shot while trying escape from a Union hospital
Battles/Soldiers 01/24/1864—03/13/1864 William Stoker returns to Coffeeville, Texas on furlough
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/24/1864 Several Native American leaders of Far West tribes leave San Francisco for a trip to the East