Type Date spansort icon Title
Education/Culture 10/13/1865 At the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, the Atlantic baseball club defeats the Eckford Club 35-8
Crime/Disasters 10/12/1865—10/13/1865 In Maine, a massive overnight fire destroys large parts of the port of Belfast
Crime/Disasters 10/12/1865 On the Sacramento River, a steamboat blows a boiler and more than fifty people are killed
US/the World 10/11/1865 Riots break out in eastern Jamaica, prompting a bloody response from the white planter led government
Crime/Disasters 10/09/1865 A massive oil fire destroys wells and installations neat Pithole City in Venango County, Pennsylvania
US/the World 10/09/1865 Diplomats from Tunisia on their way to Washington D.C. visit New York City
Crime/Disasters 10/08/1865 Two heavy early afternoon tremors strike San Francisco, California but start no fires and cause no fatalities
Religion/Philosophy 10/06/1865—10/09/1865 In Utah, the Semi-Annual Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is in session
Science/Technology 10/04/1865 At a southern England naval base, American inventors demonstrate their "torpedoes" to the Royal Navy
Campaigns/Elections 10/04/1865 Georgia holds elections for representatives to a planned State Convention in Milledgeville, the capital.
Education/Culture 09/30/1865 Famous daredevil Harry Leslie performs while suspended from a balloon flying 2000 feet over New York City
Business/Industry 09/30/1865 In Maryland, the sailing of the British steamer Somerset inaugurates the Baltimore Liverpool Steamship Line
Crime/Disasters 09/30/1865 A severe derailment near Auburn, New York destroys three railroad cars but remarkably kills no-one
Education/Culture 09/28/1865 Outside Springfield, Illinois, thousands watch the races at the National Horse Fair
Crime/Disasters 09/25/1865 Samuel Mudd makes a vain attempt to escape from his life imprisonment at Fort Jefferson off the Florida coast
Education/Culture 09/25/1865 Two four-man crews race on the Hudson River for a national rowing championship and two thousand dollars
Education/Culture 09/24/1865 Sensational rumors of a church being haunted by demons causes turmoil in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Science/Technology 09/23/1865 Autumn begins
Crime/Disasters 09/23/1865 At Troy, New York, a locomotive plunges into the Hudson River off an open drawbridge
Education/Culture 09/20/1865 The monument to Thomas Wildey, founder of the Odd Fellows in America, is dedicated in Baltimore, Maryland