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Battles/Soldiers 05/26/186307/03/1863 In Mississippi, the Siege of Vicksburg continues
Battles/Soldiers 07/01/186307/03/1863 Battle of Gettysburg
Battles/Soldiers 01/24/1864—03/13/1864 William Stoker returns to Coffeeville, Texas on furlough
Battles/Soldiers 11/18/1859 Newspaper feud in Nashville over Harpers Ferry results in murder on the street
Battles/Soldiers 11/25/1859 Forces of Juan Cortina defeat Texas Rangers and drive them back to Brownsville
Battles/Soldiers 01/01/1860 Spanish defeat the Moroccans at the Battle of Catellijo
Battles/Soldiers 02/04/1860 Invading Spanish defeat Moroccan forces at their camp near Tetuan
Battles/Soldiers 02/06/1860 Invading Spanish troops enter the key Moroccan town of Tetuan
Battles/Soldiers 03/26/1860 First railroad track ever laid in Kansas put down
Battles/Soldiers 04/30/1860 A thousand Navajo launch an attack on Fort Defiance in New Mexico
Battles/Soldiers 05/15/1860 Garibaldi and his thousand volunteers win their first victory on Sicily at Calatafimi
Battles/Soldiers 05/08/1860 In Nevada, the Paiute War begins with the wiping out of the Pony Express stop at Williams Station
Battles/Soldiers 05/12/1860 In Nevada, Paiute Indians wipe out a poorly organized white militia at the Battle of Big Bend
Battles/Soldiers 05/29/1860 Apaches launch a full scale attack on settlements along the Mimbres River in southern New Mexico
Battles/Soldiers 05/31/1860 New Mexico volunteers ride from Mesilla, New Mexico to relieve the Mimbres River settlers
Battles/Soldiers 06/02/186006/04/1860 In Nevada, Paiute Indians defeated at the Second Battle of Pyramid Lake
Battles/Soldiers 06/21/1860 William Walker sails from New Orleans for Honduras on his last filibustering expedition
Battles/Soldiers 08/06/1860 William Walker and his men capture Trujillo on the Honduran coast
Battles/Soldiers 09/03/1860 In Honduras, American filibuster William Walker surrenders to the British Royal Navy
Battles/Soldiers 06/28/1860 Joseph E. Johnston appointed Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army