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Science/Technology 06/27/1860 Williams College scientific expedition leaves Maine for Greenland
Business/Industry 09/30/1861 William Wrigley, Jr., founder of Wrigley's Gum and famous owner of the Chicago Cubs born in Philadelphia
Cultural 07/21/185907/22/1859 William Wordsworth's private library of three thousand volumes sold at auction in England
Crime/Disasters 10/07/1859 William Walker's latest filibustering attempt ends before it begins with arrest by U.S. Marshals
Slavery/Abolition 09/22/1856 William Walker's filibuster government in Nicaragua repeals the abolition of slavery in that country
Battles/Soldiers 06/21/1860 William Walker sails from New Orleans for Honduras on his last filibustering expedition
Battles/Soldiers 10/03/1859 William Walker launches another fillibustering attempt against Nicaragua from New Orleans
Military/Violent 06/28/1856 William Walker is elected president of Nicaragua
Military/Violent 05/08/1854 William Walker is driven from Mexico and taken into custody by the U.S. military
Battles/Soldiers 10/13/1855 William Walker captures the Nicaraguan capital of Granada
Battles/Soldiers 08/06/1860 William Walker and his men capture Trujillo on the Honduran coast
Military/Violent 05/01/1857 William Walker and his followers surrender to an American naval squadron and are returned to the United States
Battles/Soldiers 04/04/1854 William Walker and his fellow filibusters leave Baja California for Sonora
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/03/1858 William Walker and his companions are indicted in New Orleans under the Neutrality Laws
Battles/Soldiers 10/15/1853 William Walker and 45 followers invade Baja California, in northwestern Mexico
Battles/Soldiers 10/08/1861 William Tecumseh Sherman takes command of the Department of the Cumberland, replacing Robert Anderson
Personal 07/10/1860 William T. Sherman, teaching in Louisiana, writes to his wife with cynicism about the upcoming election
Campaigns/Elections 11/03/1860 William T. Sherman, teaching in Louisiana, writes to his wife about local attitudes on the election
Personal 11/23/1860 William T. Sherman writes to his wife from Louisiana that she stay in Ohio
Campaigns/Elections 11/10/1860 William T. Sherman writes to his wife from Louisiana about the election