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Campaigns/Elections 10/05/1859 A heavy earthquake strikes northern Chile
Crime/Disasters 12/08/185912/09/1859 A heavy earthquake strikes San Salvador in Central America
Science/Technology 07/08/1865 A July heatwave continues across the eastern United States
Science/Technology 11/14/1859 A large meteor observed over the main island of Hawaii
Science/Technology 06/18/186006/25/1860 A large new comet, visible to the naked eye, is observed all over the northern hemisphere
Crime/Disasters 02/24/1866 A large tornado hits Knoxville in the early morning causing heavy damage but no reported serious casualties
Crime/Disasters 04/14/1865 A late night fire causes heavy damage to workshops and warehouses in Rockford, Illinois
Science/Technology 04/10/1865 A Lunar Eclipse is seen through much of the southern states
US/the World 05/04/1863 A Maori revolt erupts in New Zealand
Campaigns/Elections 01/26/1861 A mass meeting of Philadelphia workingmen supports compromise and the Union
Crime/Disasters 12/09/1863 A massive afternoon fire in the port of New York destroys around thirty vessels
Crime/Disasters 07/25/1865 A massive afternoon summer thunderstorm hits Hartford, Connecticut
Crime/Disasters 03/06/1865 A massive evening fire in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince destroys much of the business district
Crime/Disasters 07/04/1866—07/05/1866 A massive fire destroys much of Portland, Maine, leaving 10,000 homeless but killing only two.
Crime/Disasters 03/22/1866 A massive fire in Cincinnati, Ohio destroys the famous 1859 Pike's Opera House and other buildings
Science/Technology 09/01/185909/02/1859 A massive geomagnetic storm disrupts navigation and telegraphy around the globe
Crime/Disasters 10/09/1865 A massive oil fire destroys wells and installations neat Pithole City in Venango County, Pennsylvania
Crime/Disasters 02/18/1864 A massive pre-dawn fire destroys a large section of Gloucester, Massachusetts
Science/Technology 05/01/1860 A meteor shower falls to earth over Muskingum County, Ohio
Crime/Disasters 08/12/1854 A Mexican firing squad executes French adventurer Gaston Raousset in Guaymas, Sonora