Type Date span Titlesort icon
Cultural 06/06/1860 America's best trotting horses race in a three heat series at the Union Course on Long Island
Battles/Soldiers 03/24/1857 American adventurer Henry A. Crabb leads an expeditionary force across the Mexican border into Sonora
Business/Industry 06/11/1860 American bark sails from Buenos Aires to New York in thirty-six days, fastest on record
Religion/Philosophy 10/05/185910/06/1859 American Bible Union holds its 10th Annual Conference in New York City
Education/Culture 04/27/1863 American child prodigy pianist Willie Pape plays his first public concert in London
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/19/1860 American Colonization Society charter ship transporting rescued Africans to Liberia sails from Key West, Florida
Cultural 01/16/1860 American Colonization Society holds its forty-third annual meeting in Washington D.C.
Military/Violent 05/04/1855 American filibuster William Walker departs San Francisco for Central America
Business/Industry 09/12/1860 American filibuster William Walker is executed in Honduras
Military/Violent 11/03/1853 American filibuster William Walker proclaims himself president of an independent "Republic of Lower California"
Education/Culture 05/05/1847 American Medical Association founded in Philadelphia
Science/Technology 07/05/1859 American merchant captain discovers the Midway Islands
Personal 08/14/1860 American naturalist and Boy Scout pioneer Ernest Thompson Seton born in northern England
Personal 01/24/1862 American novelist and essayist Edith Wharton is born into a wealthy family in New York City
Campaigns/Elections 02/18/1856 American Party nominates Millard Fillmore for president
Education/Culture 07/26/1860 American playwright Charles Hale Hoyt is born in Concord, New Hampshire
Crime/Disasters 03/12/1861 American sailing ship sinks in North Atlantic and fifty-three passengers and crew drown
Crime/Disasters 07/23/1858 American sailing vessel capsizes during a gale and fifteen passengers and crew are lost
US/the World 01/09/1859 American sailors on shore leave riot at the port of Colón in Panama
Science/Technology 08/06/1860 American Scientific Association closes its fourteenth annual meeting in Newport, Rhode Island