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Education/Culture 07/26/1860 American playwright Charles Hale Hoyt is born in Concord, New Hampshire
Crime/Disasters 03/12/1861 American sailing ship sinks in North Atlantic and fifty-three passengers and crew drown
Crime/Disasters 07/23/1858 American sailing vessel capsizes during a gale and fifteen passengers and crew are lost
US/the World 01/09/1859 American sailors on shore leave riot at the port of Colón in Panama
Science/Technology 08/06/1860 American Scientific Association closes its fourteenth annual meeting in Newport, Rhode Island
Crime/Disasters 09/29/1852 American ship bound for New Orleans founders off the coast of Ireland
Crime/Disasters 01/31/1860 American ship burns at Liverpool hours before leaving for New York
Crime/Disasters 05/27/1860 American ship founders in the Bay of Biscay and is abandoned without loss of life
Crime/Disasters 01/05/1861 American ship sinks in mid-Atlantic and forty-eight are set adrift thousands of miles from land
Military/Violent 12/08/1857 American soldier of fortune William Walker is recaptured by the U.S. Navy
Battles/Soldiers 11/16/1856 American warships bombard Chinese forts in Canton Province
Business/Industry 01/23/1860 American-built clipper ship sails from London to Sydney in sixty-seven days
Cultural 07/01/1859 Amherst beats Williams in the first ever intercollegiate baseball game by a score of 73-22
Education/Culture 08/03/1859 Amid great ceremony, the cornerstone is laid for the National Monument at Plymouth Rock
Crime/Disasters 09/29/1858 Ammunition dump explodes in Cuba, killing dozens and destroying a large area of Havana
Battles/Soldiers 06/04/1863 Amphibious Union force raids Bluffton, South Carolina and burns it to the ground
Crime/Disasters 04/28/1860 An afternoon fire in New York City destroys businesses but no lives are lost
Crime/Disasters 04/28/1859 An American emigrant ship is wrecked on the Irish coast with almost 400 lives lost
Crime/Disasters 02/13/1861 An early thaw causes heavy ice damage and severe flooding along the riverbanks of New England
Science/Technology 07/20/1860 An exceptionally large and bright meteor streaks across the northern areas of the United States