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In Charleston Harbor, the U.S.S Lehigh runs aground under the guns of Fort Sumter and is badly damaged

U.S.S. Lehigh aground near Fort Sumter, South Carolina, November 14-15, 1863, artist's impression, zoomable image
11/15/1863 to 11/16/1863
The U.S.S. Lehigh ran aground during night operations very close to the Confederate batteries on Sullivan's Island. At dawn, under very heavy fire, the U.S.S. Nahant moved to her aid and several attempts were made to pass a line over by small boat to pull the Lehigh off the sandbank.  The third effort was successful.  Five sailors from the Lehigh who operated the small boat later received Medals of Honor. The Lehigh was repaired and returned to action by January 1864.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Dennis J. Ringle, Life in Mr. Lincoln's Navy (Annapolis, MD: Navy Institute Press, 1998), 94-95.