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In New York CIty, the Seventh Regiment, New York National Guard hold a gala dress ball for its war veterans

Grand Reception, New York National Guard's Seventh Regiment, New York City, January 31, 1866, artist's impression, detail
The Seventh Regiment of the New York National Guard hosted a large dress ball at the Academy of Music in New York City, including a reception for all of its members who had served in the Union forces during the Civil War.  Major-General John Adams Dix gave a lengthy address to those assembled at the reception.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
John Adams Dix,  Address of Maj.-Gen. John A. Dix, at the reception by the Seventh regiment, National guard, S.N.Y., of its members who have served in the army and navy of the United States during the Great Rebellion, Academy of Music, January 31, 1866 (New York:  Francis & Loutrel, 1866), p. 1.