Datesort icon Title Type
Recollection of Moncure Daniel Conway, Professor Spencer Fullerton Baird Book
Springfield Illinois Journal, "Fusion," August 31, 1854 Newspaper
Recollection by Noah Brooks, April 1863, Army of the Potomac Book
Abraham Lincoln to John A.J. Creswell, March 7, 1865 Letter
Charles Jones Jenkins, "Inaugural Address as governor of Georgia (excerpts)" December 14, 1865, Milledgeville, Georgia Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln, Copybook Verses, 1824-1826 Miscellaneous
Daniel Webster, Second Reply to Hayne, United States Senate, January 26, 1830 Speech
Campaign Statement, Abraham Lincoln, New Salem, Illinois, March 9, 1832 Legislative record
Abraham Lincoln, Speech in the Illinois Legislature Concerning the State Bank, January 11, 1837 Speech
Abraham Lincoln, Protest on Slavery to the Illinois Statehouse, March 3, 1837 Legislative record
Abraham Lincoln to Mary S. Owens, August 16, 1837 Letter
Abraham Lincoln, Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum, Springfield, Illinois, January 27, 1838 Speech
Abraham Lincoln to Eliza Caldwell Browning, April 1, 1838 Letter
Spencer Fullerton Baird to John James Audubon, June 4, 1840 Letter
John James Audubon to Spencer Fullerton Baird, June 13, 1840 Letter
Abraham Lincoln, Plan of Political Campaign, [August] 1840 Miscellaneous
Abraham Lincoln to Andrew McCormick, January 1, 1841 Letter
Abraham Lincoln to John Stuart, January 23, 1841 Letter
Abraham Lincoln to Mary Speed, September 27, 1841 Letter
Abraham Lincoln, Address to Washington Temperance Society, February 22, 1842 Speech