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Personal Moncure Conway enters Dickinson College
Education/Culture American Medical Association founded in Philadelphia
Commercial Rubber tire for carriage wheels patented in the United States
Business/Industry English-style railroad coaches go into service in Massachusetts
Business/Industry U.S. Post Office opens its contract ocean mail mail service to Europe
Legal/Political The McClintock Riot takes place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Dickinsonian Dickinson College holds annual commencement ceremonies
US/the World In France, liberal politicians hold the first in a series of constitutional reform "banquets"
Foreign The Catholic cantons (provinces) of Switzerland refuse to disband their paramilitary forces
Slavery/Abolition Joseph Jenkins Roberts declares the creation of the independent Republic of Liberia
Legal/Political The McClintock Riot trial is held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Foreign Louis Philippe of France names the moderate liberal François Guizot as prime minister
US/the World Civil war erupts in Switzerland
Legal/Political The 30th Congress of the United States opens in Washington, DC
Legal/Political - The 30th Congress is in session in Washington, DC, sitting from early December, 1847 till mid-August, 1848
Education/Culture The first comic weekly paper in the United States is published in Philadelphia
Slavery/Abolition Joseph Jenkins Roberts inaugurated as the first president of newly independent Liberia
Business/Industry Gold discovered in California
Lawmaking/Litigating The United States and Mexico sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Education/Culture Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish the Communist Manifesto in London
Foreign Louis Philippe abdicates the throne in France and republicans take power
Lawmaking/Litigating Pennsylvania adopts the nation's first state child labor law
Education/Culture Verdi's opera "Nabucco" has its United States premiere in New York City
Education/Culture The Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania is incorporated in Philadelphia
US/the World The new republican government of France declares all slaves in French colonies to be free
Foreign Representatives from many German states meet in Frankfurt to discuss German unification
Campaigns/Elections The Democrats nominate Lewis Cass and William Orlando Butler
Science/Technology The first woman is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Commercial The ice cream freezer is patented in Baltimore
Slavery/Abolition Danish government plans a ten-year abolition in the Danish West Indies but local slaves demand immediate freedom