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Type Title
Personal Tubman escapes slavery, traveling to Philadelphia
Foreign A group of Montreal citizens publishes an "Annexation Manifesto" calling for the incorporation of Canada into the United States
Slavery/Abolition Four slaves run away from Edward Gorsuch's plantation in Maryland
Legal/Political The 31st Congress of the United States opens in Washington, DC
Legal/Political - The 31st Congress is in session in Washington, DC, sitting from early December, 1849 till late September, 1850
Commercial On the Massachusetts coast the new Minot's Ledge Lighthouse lights its lamp
Education/Culture Skating Club formally organized in Philadelphia
US/the World The "Don Pacifico" conflict between Great Britain and Greece erupts over riot damage in Athens
Education/Culture Nation's first daily German language newspaper begins circulation in New York City
Legal/Political William H. Bissell denounces seccessionism in speech to US House of Representatives
Religion/Philosophy Ash Wednesday
Foreign Hanover pulls out of the Three Kings' League
Legal/Political Moncure Conway begins short-lived legal study in Warrenton, Virginia
Religion/Philosophy Palm Sunday
Religion/Philosophy Passover begins
Religion/Philosophy Good Friday
Religion/Philosophy Easter Sunday
Education/Culture Massachusetts incorporates its school for the mentally challenged
Religion/Philosophy Palm Sunday
US/the World The United States and Great Britain sign the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Religion/Philosophy Corpus Christi celebrated
Foreign French president Louis Napoleon Bonaparte abolishes universal suffrage
Dickinsonian Dickinson College holds annual commencement ceremonies
Education/Culture U.S. Naval Academy opens as a four year institution
Foreign Prussia and Denmark agree to end their conflict over the territories of Schleswig and Holstein
Education/Culture Spencer Fullerton Baird is appointed assistant secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Legal/Political Vice-President Millard Fillmore takes the oath of office after President Zachary Taylor dies at the White House
Foreign Great Britain grants considerable autonomy to the Australian colonies through the Australian Government Act
Education/Culture Richard Wagner's "Lohengrin" premieres in Weimar
Foreign Brazil outlaws the slave trade, without freeing existing slaves