Carlisle (PA) American Democrat, "Mr. Buchanan's Administration," August 13, 1857

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    “Mr. Buchanan’s Administration,” Carlisle (PA) American Democrat, August 13, 1857, p. 2.
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    American Democrat
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    Mr. Buchanan's Administration
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    Meghan Rafferty, Dickinson College
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    The administration of Mr. Buchanan is winning golden opinions from the whole country. The remarkable quiet and firmness which has been evinced in every department, says the Baltimore Republican, shows the intelligence and discriminating judgment of the President who has from the thousands of able men in the community called to his side those whose principles and efficiency he had witnessed, and upon whom he felt he could confide.—Everything is going on harmoniously—every interest of the country is protected and carefully guarded—and the nation feels that its honor is safe in the keeping of those to whom it has been confided. The excitement of the canvas has subsided. The storm which lowered over the political horizon has been swept aside, and the haleyon breeze of peace plays smilingly over all the land. As democrats who labored earnestly in the great fight that brought about these happy results, we can but rejoice. As lovers of our country, we look with a glow of satisfaction at the prospect before us, and feel that the great heart of the nation throbs peacefully and securely under the constitutional and conservative rule of the National Democracy. Long may it be before such another storm of fanatical excitement shall convulse the nation, lashed into fury by the artful declamation of ambitious demagogues shall seem again, even for a moment, to contemplate the destruction of the Constitution under which it has grown and prospered so wonderfully.

    Long may her rulers be like the present, men of wisdom and men of peace, under whose wholesome counsels the ship of state shall ride safely over the rocks and whirlpools which have wrecked nations and empires of old. So long as our people cling to the great principles of Democracy—so long as they cherish feelings of brotherly love for every citizen—so long as they respect and guarantee an equality of rights and privileges—so long we may well hope to see our starry flag undimmed, and the glory and power of our country still increasing

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