Marcus Junius Parrott (Blackmar, 1912)

Frank W. Blackmar, ed., “Parrot, Marcus J.,” Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History, Embracing Events, Institutions, Industries, Counties, Cities, Towns, Prominent Persons, Etc (Chicago: Standard Publishing Company, 1912), 2: 444-445.
Parrott, Marcus J., member of Congress, was born at Hamburg, S. C., Oct. 27, 1828, but his parents removed to Dayton, Ohio, when he was a small boy. His father was of Quaker, anti-slavery ancestry, who moved into Ohio to escape the influences of that institution. Marcus received his education at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., where he graduated in 1849. After completing his collegiate course he studied law and began practice in Ohio. He entered actively into politics there and was elected representative to the state legislature in 1853. In 1855 he came to Kansas and settled in Leavenworth, where he soon became a prominent figure in the political life of the territory. In 1856 he succeeded John W. Whitfield as delegate in Congress, being the first Free State delegate from this territory, and was reflected in 1858. Mr. Parrott failed to distinguish himself, as his friends confidently expected, and at the first election of senators he was a candidate, but was defeated by Samuel C. Pomeroy. In 1862 and again in 1864 he was a candidate for Congress on the "Union ticket" and was both times defeated. In 1872 he joined the ''Liberals'' but was again defeated. After this defeat he became a Democrat. About 1878 Mr. Parrott was found to be suffering from softening of the brain. He died at the home of his sister at Dayton, Ohio, in Nov., 1879.
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