Horatio Collins King (New York Monuments Commission, 1916)

New York Monuments Commission, In Memoriam, James Samuel Wadsworth, 1807-1864 (Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, Printers, 1916), 56.
Colonel Lewis R. Stegman: It happens that a large part of the honors incident to this dedication has fallen to the cavalry. General Horatio C. King, who comes next on the programme, enjoys the distinction of having been a member of the far-famed Cavalry Corps which was commanded by General Sheridan. It is not necessary for me to say much in introducing General King to you ; he is well known in veteran circles all over the country. For several decades General King has been the Secretary of the Society of the Army of the Potomac. The interesting addresses to his credit at functions such as this are numerous and they have often been printed. And as well as speeches, he is, also, the author of a long list of spirited poems. A great many of you here to-day will recall with what signal success General King presided at the ceremonies of " New York Day at Gettysburg " a year ago last July, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary celebration. General King's health, in consequence of his having been stricken ill last spring, is not as good as when you heard him last on this field; but we are all delighted that he has so far  recovered his strength as to be able to come here to-day.
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