David Ruggles (Water-Cure Journal)

S. Rogers, “Death of Dr. David Ruggles,” Water-Cure Journal 9, no. 2 (February 1850): 54.
    A NOBLE worker in the great field of Hydropathic and hygienic reform has laid aside the habiliments of earth, and gone to receive the reward of that diligence, perseverance, and honesty of purpose, which characterized his earthly career.
    DR. RUGGLES was born at Norwich, Conn., 3d mo., 1st, 1810.  He studied medicine with Dr. Swain, in the city of New York, until he was nearly deprived of his sight.  By his great exertions and privations, his constitution became impaired, and his health so precarious that the most skillful physicians lost all hope of his recovery.  Blind, sick, and destitute, this remarkable man struggled thus along in the world, till taken under the protections of kind friends at Bensonville, Northampton, where he learned something of the Water-Cure, which was then in its infancy in this country.  He determined to try its reputed power, and accordingly, under competent medical advice, pursued a thorough course of at home, which, after many hard struggles, resulted in the restoration of health.  But his sight never returned. 
    Encouraged by the success which attended the use of water upon himself, and having carefully watched its effects, Dr. Ruggles commenced its application upon others.  He soon evinced a degree of skill, prudence, and admirable penetration which brought him patients from all parts of the Union.
    But it is not for me to tell the friends of Hydropathy of the enviable reputation which the indomitable perseverance, guided by sound judgment, gained for our lamented brother.  He will long live in the grateful remembrances of the many who have sought the blessings of health at his hands, and his reputation is based upon that foundation which will endure forever.
    Of the immediate cause of Dr. Ruggles’ death, I have not been informed.  He died at his residence in Northampton, on the 16th of December, 1849.
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