Lee County, Virginia (Howe)

Henry Howe, Historical Collections of Virginia… (Charleston, SC: William R. Babcock, 1852), 350-351.
LEE was formed in 1792, from Russell, and named after Henry Lee, Gov. of Va. from 1791 to 1794; it lies in the southwestern angle of the state, bordering on Tennessee and Kentucky. Its greatest length is 75 miles; breadth 10 miles. The Cumberland mountains run on the Kentucky line, the Powell mountain is on a part of the SE. boundary, and there are several other ridges in the county, known as Stone, Chesnut, Wallens, &c. Powell’s River runs lengthwise through the county into Tennessee. Much of the land is of a very black, rich soil. The staples are beef, pork, and horses. The people of this county make their own sugar and molasses from the maple sugar tree, which grows in great abundance. Pop. in 1840, whites 7,829, slaves 580, free colored 32; total, 8,441.
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