American State Trials

Lawson, John D. American State Trials. St. Louis, MO: F. H. Thomas Law Book Co., 1914.
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    John D. Lawson, ed., American State Trials (St. Louis: F. H. Thomas Law Book Co., 1914), 2: 207.
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    FIELD, Roswell Martin (1807-1852). Born Newfane, Vt. Graduated Middlebury College. Studied law in his native state and practised [practiced] there from 1825 for fourteen years and was a member of the legislature and State's Attorney. Removed to St. Louis in 1839. Had an exceptional matrimonial experience in 1832 which is reported in 13 Vt. 460. Was counsel in the Dred Scott case. Was father of Eugene Field, the poet.
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