Entry by Susan Bradford Eppes, December 15, 1859

    Source citation
    Diary entry, Thursday, December 15, 1859, in Susan Bradford Eppes, Through Some Eventful Years (Macon, GA: Press of the J.W. Burke Co., 1926), 378.
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    Eppes, Susan Bradford
    Date Certainty
    Michael Blake
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    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print. Spelling and typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.
    -- Miss Platt has gone -- last night a letter came in the mail for her. It was a little late but the children had not gone to bed so Lucy carried it upstairs and she came back so excited. Robert, who is Fannie's little boy, eleven years old he is now, was in Miss Platt's room; she was holding him in her lap and kissing him and crying over him. Mother went upstairs to see about this and it was just as Lucy said. Mother talked to her and explained that in our country we did not do things like this and advised her to refrain from all such in the future.

    Mother told us not to mention this to anybody. Well we did not, but Miss Platt was caught trying to persuade the negroes to rise up and follow in John Brown's footsteps, put the torch to the home of every white man and murder the people wholesale, sparing none. Jordan and Adeline had found it out and told it. I am so glad our black folks love us and are our friends. Mother says it is so near Christmas she will not try to get another governess until after the holidays.
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