James Buchanan to Horatio King, May 1, 1865

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    James Buchanan, Letter from James Buchanan to Horatio King, May 1, 1865, Turning on the Light, A Dispassionate Survey of President Buchanan's Administration, From 1860 to Its Close. Philadelphia, PA: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1895, p. 18.
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    Wheatland, near Lancastre, 1st May.
    My Dear Sir, -- I have received your favor of the 27th inst. With my opinions steadily maintained for more than a quarter of a century, I could not have advised you to accept the appointment of appraiser of the negroes [of the District of Columbia] under the late Emancipation Act [of April 16, 1862, the wisdom of which was doubted by many at the time] yet I feel much gratified with the token of friendly regard manifested by your letter. If you have done wrong by accepting, you shall never be upbraided by me for it. On the contrary, I ardently hope you may never have occasion to regret it.

    We lately had a visit from our friend, Dr. Blake, of Washington. It was quite refreshing to us to learn so much news and so many things relating to our friends in that city.

    I sincerely trust that your daughter enjoys good health and to happy.

    I have a debt due me in Maryland of a highly meritorious character; but the debtor, after years of delay, now says he cannot be touched on account of an act of the Legislature suspending all proceedings against debtors in that State up till November next. If convenient, I would thank you to send me a copy of this act (of course not certified) or the substance of it.

    With my kind regards to Mrs. King, I remain

    Very respectfully,

    Your friend,

    James Buchanan.
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