Cleveland (OH) Herald, “The Slave Market of New Orleans,” February 1, 1859

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    “The Slave Market of New Orleans,” Cleveland (OH) Herald, February 1, 1859, p. 2: 2.
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    Daily Cleveland Herald
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    The Slave Market of New Orleans
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The Slave Market of New Orleans.

    A friend sends us from New Orleans the auctioneer’s advertisement of a sale of “choice slaves,” which took place January 18th, and the prices at which these human cattle were struck off. There were nineteen of them that were guaranteed, and a lot of refuse stuff which went off at almost any price.

    There was Frances, a girl about 14 years, very likely and intelligent, speaks French and English – she brought $1000.

    Celeste, another girl of 15 years, likely and intelligent, speaks English and French – she brought $1310.

    Charity with a baby of three years, was knocked down at $1220.

    Patsey – a No. 1 cook – brought $1180.

    Bella, with two children, 7 and 4 years, brought $1400.

    Clarissa, aged 19, very likely, went at $1350.

    Rachel – a field hand – was struck off at $1000.

    Julia – a Creole – brought $1000.

    Anna Maria, aged 17 years – very nice – went at $1190.

    Griffin, a fine looking fellow, was sold for $1100.

    Hiiby – a first rate carpenter – sold for $1800.

    A number of boys – all described as orphans – averaged about $1000 each.

    It was evident the young women were the most saleable, but all went off at brisk prices.

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