Cleveland (OH) Herald, “Ho! for Niagara,” June 24, 1859

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    “Ho! for Niagara,” Cleveland (OH) Herald, June 24, 1859, p. 3: 3.
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    Daily Cleveland Herald
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    Ho! for Niagara
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Ho! for Niagara.

    The “Metropolis,” Capt. PEASE, holds out irresistible temptations for those who want to take the finest trip in America. On Saturday night she will take passengers who wish to go to Niagara, for $3 the round trip, landing them here early Tuesday morning. You will be in Buffalo before Church time, can slip down to the Falls and spend all day Monday. For the same amount of money a like amount of pleasure and sight seeing cannot elsewhere be had on this sublunary ball. You ride on the finest specimen of human skill in the world, and you visit the grandest specimen of Divine skill in the universe.

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