Arthur Ingram Boreman (American National Biography)

Jerry Bruce Thomas, "Boreman, Arthur Ingram," American National Biography Online, February 2000,
From 1855 to 1861 Boreman represented Wood County in the Virginia House of Delegates as a Whig, opposing the dominant Democratic party, which he believed chiefly represented the planter and slaveowning interests of eastern Virginia. During the secession crisis, he joined the Unconditional Unionists in opposing secession, which he feared would mean the end of the best government in the world and a future of "impenetrable gloom."

Because of his outspoken Unionist stand, Boreman was chosen to preside over the Second Wheeling Convention (11-25 June and 6-21 Aug. 1861), which first organized a Restored Government of Virginia and then moved toward creation of a separate state. After the Second Wheeling Convention and while the movement for a separate state proceeded, Boreman served as a circuit judge of Reorganized Virginia, which, led by Governor Francis Pierpont, administered the Unionist counties of western Virginia from Wheeling.
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