Fayetteville (NC) Observer, "Two Incendiaries Caught in Salisbury," November 28, 1859

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"Two Incendiaries Caught in Salisbury," Fayetteville (NC) Observer, November 28, 1859, p. 3: 1.
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Fayetteville Semi Weekly Observer
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Two Incendiaries Caught in Salisbury
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Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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TWO INCENDIARIES CAUGHT IN SALISBURY. – The same letter informs us that on Wednesday last two young men from Connecticut, book peddlers, were detected trading with negroes, carried before the Intendant, and, in default of bail, were committed to jail, to await trial at the next County Court. There was found in their trunks or carpet bags a long list of names of slaves between Raleigh and Salisbury.

TWO MORE SUPPOSED INCEDIARIES AT HENDERSON. – A letter to the Petersburg Express from Henderson, N. C., mentions the appearance there of two suspicious men, who, after loitering about for some days, went off without paying their hotel bills.

We publish these things for the double purpose of putting Southern people on their guard against strollers who have no apparent business, and of most earnestly cautioning against any thing like Lynch law towards them. The laws are ample to protect the South against them, and let us be careful to give no ground for clamor by resorting to any thing but the laws.

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