Colwell, James Smith

Life Span
    Full name
    James Smith Colwell
    Place of Birth
    Burial Place
    Birth Date Certainty
    Death Date Certainty
    Sectional choice
    Free State
    No. of Siblings
    No. of Spouses
    No. of Children
    John Colwell (father), Ann Barbara Hall (wife), Anna Colwell (daughter), John Charles Colwell (son), Mary "Daisy" Colwell (daughter), James Hall Colwell (daughter)
    Princeton (College of New Jersey)
    Attorney or Judge
    Relation to Slavery
    White non-slaveholder
    Church or Religious Denomination
    Union Army
    Residence in 1860
    Marital status in 1860

    James Smith Colwell (Carlisle American)

    Thus has fallen in the cause of his country a brave soldier, a true patriot, and a Christian gentleman. The breaking out of this unhallowed rebellion found him a lawyer in practice at the Carlisle bar, and though retiring and modest in his disposition, his highly cultivated and acute mind, and his marked talents were fully appreciated by his fellow citizens, his rank promised to be among the first jurists of the country. His kind and amiable disposition had endeared him to all who knew him. His high moral character and exemplary life had made him a bright example in our midst. A wife and children clustered around him, and added the charm of domestic life to the advantages of his position. His wife and children were to him as dear as life.

    The war broke out, and from a stern sense of duty alone, he sacrificed the comforts of home and his professional hopes to take up arms for his country. There was no ambition in this; he desired no place ; he sought no renown ; he saw, amid the sulphurous clouds of war, no future official honors ; he sought none, but moved by pure patriotism alone ; he became a soldier ; that kind and amiable gentleman soon became the stern soldier o the real war. On many battle-fields he proved his courage and military skill, beloved by his men, where he led they followed, and he was always willing to lead. He has fallen and left a vacancy which it will be hard to fill with his equal. His wife and children mourn not alone, the whole community mingle their tears over his untimely death. He has died the death of the patriot, as he lived the life of the Christian. Let the lofty marble mark his last resting place and thereon inscribe a fitting records of his virtues.
    “Killed in Battle at Sharpsburg on Wednesday last – Capt. James S. Colwell, Co. A, 7th, P. R. C.,” Carlisle (PA) American, September 24, 1862.
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