Chicago (IL) Tribune, “A New Trouble in Georgia,” May 25, 1861

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    “A New Trouble in Georgia,” Chicago (IL) Tribune, May 25, 1861, p. 2: 2.
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    Savannah (GA) Republican
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    Chicago Tribune
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    A New Trouble in Georgia
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    A New Trouble in Georgia.

    Governor Brown of Georgia, has issued a proclamation forbidding the military companies of that State from carrying arms or accoutrements of any kind beyond the State limits, without his consent. The Savannah Republican comments upon this order as follows:

    “Whether to Governor designs to refuse his consent in all cases or merely to require that a proper respect should be shown to him by those companies which leave the State under orders from the Confederate government does not appear. In the former event the order is likely to produce no little confusion in the movements of our armies. The Confederate States have existed but for a day, and we have no thought that they are prepared to furnish arms, and in the time required, particularly under anything like an emergency. They must then rely upon the several States, and though some confusion may exist, owing to the variety of arms in the service, it will be far less than that to be occasioned by the presence of troops in time of battle without arms or accoutrements at all.

    “Governor Brown may be technically right in this order; but he has, at least, selected an unfortunate time for issuing it. From the beginning a misunderstanding seems to have existed between him and the Confederate authorities to be found with no other State, and it is high time it had been brought to a-close. It has been a source of serious confusion and embarrassment in all our movements for defence, and it allowed to continue, will wholly demoralize the service.”

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