Chillicothe (OH) Scioto Gazette, “The War News,” April 16, 1861

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    “The War News - Intense Excitement,” Chillicothe (OH) Scioto Gazette, April 16, 1861, p. 2: 1.
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    Chillicothe Scioto Gazette
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    The War News - Intense Excitement
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The War News - Intense Excitement.

    The news of the attack on Ft. Sumter, of the progress of the fight, and of the surrender of the Fort, has kept our city in a state of the most intense excitement for the past three or four days. All classes – men of all parties – old and young, were alike absorbed in the great event of the day. Little else was talked about or thought about.

    When the news of the surrender of Sumter was first received it was generally believed to be a hoax, but when it was confirmed beyond the possibility of doubt, the excitement reached its greatest intensity.

    No event has ever occurred in this country that so thoroughly and universally aroused the people of the Free States, as this attack upon the American flag by those who owe all they are to the protection it has afforded them. The dispatches we print in another place indicate something of what this feeling is, and the unanimity with which the Government will be sustained in any and all attempts it may make to put down the rebellion.

    One of two things must now be done and done quickly either this Government must be sustained and the rebellion put down, or the rebels must triumph and the Government be overthrown. Every citizen who is not for his Government is against it, and he who is against it is a traitor. There is no middle ground – no neutrality in such times as these.

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