Boston (MA) Liberator, "Buchanan Democracy," October 30, 1857

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    “Buchanan Democracy,” Boston (MA) Liberator, October 30, 1857, p. 176.
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    New Orleans (LA) Delta
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    Boston Liberator
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    Buchanan Democracy
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The following text is presented here in complete form, as true to the original written document as possible. Spelling and other typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.


    The New Orleans Delta, the leading organ of the Southern Democracy, interprets the recent letter of Pres. Buchanan to Prof. Silliman and others, to mean as follow:–

    ‘Mr. Buchanan’s Slavery is not section, but national. It exists practically in Kansas, and theoretically in Nebraska, Oregon, Minnesota and New Mexico. No right-thinking man can question this fact. In order to destroy its national existence in the Territories, the people thereof in the settlement of the terms with their State Constitution must exclude it by a clause introduced for that purpose. The right, therefore, claimed by the South, exists in its nationality – a right which the Northern Free Soil Democracy at this moment deny and oppose with all their might.

    We have to say that so valuable is Southern Slavery in itself, so wholesome and salutary in an industrial and social point of view, and so conservative of national, true and sound Democracy, we believe its defense, its propagation and extension, should be regarded as an essential part of the Democratic creed in all sections. We spurn the idea that it is sectional.

    Only the other day, a journal in Illinois announced itself in favor of the re-establishment of Slavery in that State. Give us enough slaves, abolish the unjust and unequal laws against the African Slave trade, put an end to the present unhealthy centralizing tendency of the slaveholdership in the South, and give every industrious and thrifty white man a chance to become profitably a slaveholder, and we will not only triumphantly maintain slavery where it is, but it will be seen to flow, like living, refreshing, and fertilizing waters, into all our unoccupied Territory, and break over the boundaries of many of the present Free States, regardless of their silly doctrines about climatic limits and international law.’

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