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    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    At the Battle of Estero Bellaco, Brazilian and Argentine forces beat off a Paraguayan attack. Battles/Soldiers
    At the Battle of Tuyutí, the Paraguayan army suffers massive losses attacking the Allied invaders. Battles/Soldiers
    In Britain a legal judgment confirms that no British subject or company may own or sell slaves abroad Slavery/Abolition
    In South America, a Brazilian river fleet defeats Paraguayan naval forces at the Battle of Riachuelo US/the World
    In South America, Argentinian and allied troops temporarily recapture the river port of Corrientes US/the World
    In South America, Brazil delivers Uruguay an ultimatum over the security of its southern border US/the World
    In South America, Brazil, Argentina, and Uraguay form the Triple Alliance for their war against Paraguay US/the World
    In South America, Paraguayan naval units seize a Brazilian steamship and touch off a crisis that will lead to war US/the World
    In South America, units of Brazil's army invade the Uruguayan province of Cerro Largo US/the World
    In the Paraguayan War, an Allied attempt to storm a Paraguayan fortress meets with disaster. Battles/Soldiers
    In Uruguay, the civil war comes to an end as negotiations replace the government with the rebel Colorado Party US/the World
    Off the coast of Brazil, the Confederate raider, Alabama, burns the New York bark Amazonian Battles/Soldiers
    Off the coast of Brazil, the Confederate raider, Alabama, captures the New York clipper ship Talisman Battles/Soldiers
    Paraguayan naval forces attack the river port of Corrientes and so bring Argentina into their war with Brazil US/the World
    Postage costs in the United States in 1859, by the numbers Business/Industry
    The controversially captured raider C.S.S. Florida sinks off Norfolk, Virginia after a collision Battles/Soldiers
    U.S. naval units controversially capture the notorious raider C.S.S. Florida in neutral waters off the coast of Brazil Battles/Soldiers
    With the Treaty of Caracas, Brazil and Venezuela agree on their Amazonian border US/the World
    Name Type
    Rio De Janiero, Brazil City or Town
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