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Lawmaking/Litigating The 28th Congress opens in Washington, DC
Lawmaking/Litigating - The 28th Congress is in session in Washington, DC, sitting from early December, 1843 till mid-June, 1844
Personal Minty Ross marries John Tubman and becomes Harriet Tubman
Personal William Still moves to Philadelphia in 1844
Education/Culture The Masonic College of Missouri opens in Philadelphia, Missouri
Business/Industry Commercial telegraph service inaugurated in Washington, D.C.
Science/Technology The first telegraphed news bulletin relays the results of the Oregon question debate to Baltimore
Personal Andrew Gregg Curtin marries Catherine Irvine Wilson
Lawmaking/Litigating The 28th Congress ends its first session in Washington, DC
Personal John H. Addams departs Kreidersville, Pennsylvania for Illinois
Carlisle/Dickinson John Taylor Cuddy is born near Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Personal John Wentworth marries Roxanna Marie Loomis
Lawmaking/Litigating James Buchanan accepts position of Secretary of State
Legal/Political - David Wilmot serves in the United States House of Representatives
Science/Technology First iron truss bridge in the nation completed in Pennsylvania
Carlisle/Dickinson Spencer Fullerton Baird is offered position of honorary professor of natural science at Dickinson College
Lawmaking/Litigating The 29th Congress of the United States opens in Washington, DC
Lawmaking/Litigating - The 29th Congress is in session in Washington, DC, sitting from early December, 1845 till mid-August, 1846
Lawmaking/Litigating House of Representatives passes resolution to end joint occupation of Oregon Territory
Foreign British troops defeat the Sikh army at the Battle of Aliwal in northern India
Education/Culture First newspaper on the Pacific Coast published
Foreign Polish nationalists in Kraków lead a month-long uprising against Russian rule
Foreign Great Britain and the Sikh kingdom sign the Treaty of Lahore
Foreign The Polish rebellion against Russia comes to an end
Military/Violent General Taylor leads American troops into the disputed border area, across from the Mexican town of Matamoros
Military/Violent Mexico begins preparing troops for a possible war with the United States.
Legal/Political Dred and Harriet Scott sue Irene Emerson in the Missouri circuit court at St. Louis
Religion/Philosophy Mormon migration from Nauvoo, Illinois to Council Bluffs, Iowa
Military/Violent General Taylor tells Congress that hostilities with Mexicans have commenced
Military/Violent Mexican troops attack Fort Texas, a U.S. outpost in disputed border area