From Kansas - Particulars from the Acquittal of Gov. Robinson

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“FROM KANSAS,” New York Daily Times, 29 August 1857, p. 1.
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Missouri Democrat
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New York Times
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From Kansas
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Meghan Fralinger
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Particulars from the Acquittal of Gov. Robinson.

Correspondence of the Missouri Democrat.

LAWRENCE. Friday morning, Aug. 2.

Gov. ROBINSON was acquitted yesterday forenoon.

The jury was out nine hours. There was an animated debate in the jury room. At first, I learn they stood ten for a verdict of guilty, to two for an acquittal. They were Pro-Slavery men.

The judge had distinctly charged them that, if they found that the prisoner, at any time, had assumed to be the Governor of the State of Kansas, they must find him guilty. The defense had always admitted that fact.

The two jurors, however, did not accept such instructions. They refused to believe in the existence of a State in this part of the country. They came out, after they had discussed the question some time, and asked that the question be reopened for further evidence on that point. This request was refused.

At 9 o’clock, therefore, they returned a verdict of not guilty.


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