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Saturday, June 18, 1864


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Thomas Craighead

Turns 58 on this date
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Orlando Kellogg

Turns 55 on this date
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Humphrey Howe Leavitt

Turns 68 on this date
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Richard Dorsey Sellman

Turns 36 on this date
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William Henry Seward Jr.

Turns 25 on this date


Battles/Soldiers Battle of Marietta, June 9-July 3, 1864
06/09/1864 to 07/03/1864
Battles/Soldiers Battle of Petersburg, June 15-18, 1864
06/15/1864 to 06/18/1864
Battles/Soldiers Grant's Overland Campaign against the Army of Northern Virginia continues
05/05/1864 to 06/27/1864
Legal/Political The first session of the 38th Congress is sitting in Washington DC from early January to early July, 1864
01/07/1864 to 07/03/1864