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Date span Title
US/the World Saturday, December 6, 1856 Dutch Boers in the Transvaal proclaim independence from Great Britain and form the South African Republic
Foreign Sunday, March 30, 1856 Treaty of Paris ends Crimean War and guarantees the territorial boundaries of the Ottoman Empire
US/the World Monday, June 15, 1846 British parliament votes to repeal the Corn Laws
Lawmaking/Litigating Wednesday, February 2, 1848 The United States and Mexico sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Foreign Thursday, February 24, 1848 Louis Philippe abdicates the throne in France and republicans take power
Foreign Thursday, October 10, 1850 Hong Xiuquan leads Taiping Rebellion in China
Foreign Tuesday, December 2, 1851 Louis Napoleon Bonaparte strengthens his power over the French government
Foreign Tuesday, April 19, 1853 Russia claims right to protect Christian subjects in the Ottoman Empire
Foreign Saturday, May 21, 1853 Turks reject Russian claims in the Ottoman Empire
Foreign Tuesday, October 4, 1853 Turkish ultimatum calls upon Russia to stop encroachment in Danube region
Foreign Monday, March 27, 1854 Crimean War begins in earnest, as France declares war on Russia
Foreign Tuesday, March 28, 1854 Britain declares war on Russia and joins France in sending troops to the Crimea
Education/Culture Tuesday, February 15, 1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish the Communist Manifesto in London
Military/Violent Saturday, April 4, 1846 Mexico begins preparing troops for a possible war with the United States.
Military/Violent Saturday, March 28, 1846 General Taylor leads American troops into the disputed border area, across from the Mexican town of Matamoros
Lawmaking/Litigating Wednesday, May 13, 1846 Congress declares war with Mexico following attacks on US forces in disputed Texas border areas
Foreign Wednesday, October 8, 1856 A dispute over a British vessel sailing in Chinese waters leads to the second Anglo-Chinese War
Battles/Soldiers Sunday, May 10, 1857 Sepoy Revolt triggers the Indian Mutiny against British rule
Foreign Saturday, June 26, 1858 Great Britain and China sign the Treaty of Tientsin, ending the Anglo-Chinese War (1856-58) and opening Chinese ports
Foreign Saturday, October 22, 1859 The Spanish-Moroccan War begins in earnest