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The House Divided website presents materials from our collections in a daily format with plans to cover the period, 1840 to 1880.  Through the end of 2016, we will be focusing on the years 1865-1870, with a
strong emphasis on the drama of Reconstruction.  You should be able to explore information about people, events and documents connected with each day.  And within each of those categories, you should be
able to navigate through a series of tabs that help connect people, events and documents with each other and with places, major topics and other relevant data.

We are also in the process of creating several special features that use selected material from the House Divided archive to create what we hope will be exciting and engaging tools for the classroom. Currently, we have several such features related to the Underground Railroad, the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, and various Civil War topics available for use.  You can find these items listed on the left-hand column bar.  You can also search by the main collections themselves which are also listed on the site’s left-hand column bar.   Once inside the collections, users will be able to ask more specific queries that relate to their particular research interests.
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