Datesort icon Title Type
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Boston (MA) Advertiser, “The Coming Man,” June 25, 1861 Newspaper
San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “Disreputable Weapons of Political Warfare,” June 27, 1861 Newspaper
Charleston (SC) Mercury, “Anniversaries of Independence,” June 27, 1861 Newspaper
New York Times, “Arrest of Marshal Kane,” June 28, 1861 Newspaper
Atchison (KS) Freedom’s Champion, “One of Floyd’s Performances,” June 29, 1861 Newspaper
Worthington G. Snethen to Winfield Scott, June 29, 1861 Letter
New York Times, “Closing the Southern Ports,” June 30, 1861 Newspaper
Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “More Stealing in Pennsylvania,” July 1, 1861 Newspaper
Marriot Boswell to William H. Seward, July 1, 1861 Letter
Chillicothe (OH) Scioto Gazette, “Davis’ Subjects Dumpish and Disgusted,” July 2, 1861 Newspaper
Cleveland (OH) Herald, “Does It Pay to Feed Passing Troops?,” July 3, 1861 Newspaper
Entry by Kate Stone, July 4, 1861 Diary
James Colwell to Ann Colwell, July 4, 1861 Letter
Boston (MA) Advertiser, “The Attacks Upon General Scott,” July 4, 1861 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln, Message to the Congress in Special Session, July 4, 1861 Executive record
Newark (OH) Advocate, “The Impending Danger,” July 5, 1861 Newspaper
(Concord) New Hampshire Statesman, “Andrew Johnson,” July 6, 1861 Newspaper
John T. Cuddy to John H. Cuddy, July 7, 1861 Letter