Datesort icon Title Type
Washington (DC) National Intelligencer, “Rebel Occupation of Carlisle,” June 30, 1863 Newspaper
Chicago (IL) Tribune, “Maj. Gen. George G. Meade,” June 30, 1863 Newspaper
Henry Ginder to Mary Ginder, June 28, 1863 Letter
Reminiscence of General John Brown Gordon, C.S.A., on entering York, Pennsylvania, June 28, 1863 Book
Report of James Gall, Jr., Confederate Occupation of York, Pennsylvania, June 28-29, 1863 Miscellaneous
Recollection of the Confederate Occupation of Carlisle, June 27-30, 1863 Book
New York Times, “Telegrams From Carlisle,” June 26, 1863 Newspaper
New York Times, “A Word to Pennsylvania,” June 26, 1863 Newspaper
Orders of General Robert E. Lee to the Army of Northern Virginia, June 21, 1863 Military record
William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, June 17, 1863 Letter
Lowell (MA) Citizen & News, “Points of Present Interest,” June 17, 1863 Newspaper
New York Times, “Pennsylvania and Her Governor,” June 17, 1863 Newspaper
Recollection by Henry Lee Higginson of the Battle of Aldie, June 17, 1863 Book
Ulysses S. Grant to Lorenzo Thomas, June 16, 1863 Letter
Washington (DC) National Intelligencer, “The Alarm in Pennsylvania,” June 16, 1863 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd Lincoln, June 16, 1863 Letter
Recollection of Joseph Blessington, Skirmish at Richmond, June 15, 1863 Book
New York Times, “The Military and the Civil Power,” June 13, 1863 Newspaper
Proclamation by Governor Curtin of Pennsylvania, June 12, 1863 Executive record
General Order of General Darius Couch, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, June 12, 1863 Military record