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Religion/Philosophy 04/13/1851 Palm Sunday
Religion/Philosophy 04/20/1851 Easter Sunday
Religion/Philosophy 04/11/1852 Easter Sunday
Religion/Philosophy 04/18/1851 Good Friday
Religion/Philosophy 04/09/1852 Good Friday
Religion/Philosophy 04/17/1851 Passover begins
Religion/Philosophy 03/05/1851 Ash Wednesday
Religion/Philosophy 02/25/1852 Ash Wednesday
Religion/Philosophy 11/09/1855 David Salomons becomes the first Jewish Lord Mayor of London
Religion/Philosophy 12/22/1858 Sir Moses Montefiore travels to Rome to attempt the return of Edgardo Montara to his Jewish parents
Religion/Philosophy 11/02/1858 Quakers moderate their demands in marriage and in dress
Religion/Philosophy 08/15/1858 The cornerstone of New York City's new Catholic cathedral, Saint Patrick's, is laid
Religion/Philosophy 02/11/1858 A fourteen-year old girl gathering wood near Lourdes in rural France encounters the first of her visions of "a Lady."
Religion/Philosophy 02/22/185902/24/1859 The American Sunday School Union holds its third national convention in Philadelphia
Religion/Philosophy 03/03/1859 The East Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Church meets in Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Religion/Philosophy 01/04/1859 Annual "renting of the pews" at Rev. Beecher's Plymouth Church in Brooklyn brings record return
Religion/Philosophy 10/18/1859 Louisville Conference of the Methodist Church votes to permit slave owning among its members
Religion/Philosophy 04/27/1859 Pope Pius IX issues an encyclical calling for prayers for peace among Catholic nations
Religion/Philosophy 03/13/1859 Public meeting of Methodists in north Texas protests the influence of northern abolitionist preachers in the Church
Religion/Philosophy 09/30/1859 New York Episcopal Convention votes to reinstate Benjamin T. Onderdonk as Bishop