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Personal 04/06/1862 Albert Sidney Johnston becomes the war's highest ranking casualty when he bleeds to death at Shiloh
Personal 04/12/1862 Death of former New Jersey Senator and Whig vice-presidential candidate Theodore Freylinghuysen
Personal 04/19/1862 Wisconsin Governor Louis P. Harvey drowns in the Tennessee River while visiting Wisconsin troops
Personal 04/25/1862 At Savannah, Tennessee, experienced Union division commander Charles F. Smith dies of illness
Personal 05/02/1863 "Friendly fire" strikes and wounds General T.J. Jackson and several members of his staff on the Chancellorsville battlefield
Personal 05/14/1863 General H.G. Berry, Chancellorsville casualty, is buried in his home town of Rockland, Maine
Personal 05/15/1863 In Kentucky, Union troops capture Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner's furniture
Personal 05/22/1863 Twenty-nine year old Union Brigade commander George Boomer dies at the head of his troops
Personal 06/05/1863 Francis Martin Drexell, founder of the Philadelphia banking house, killed in railroad accident
Personal 06/07/1863 Union troops ransack the plantation of Jefferson Davis on the Mississippi River below Vicksburg
Personal 06/22/1863 Twenty year William H. Rihl becomes the first Union soldier killed meeting Lee's invasion
Personal 06/09/1863 Dickinson College 1860 graduate Captain John Henry Grabill, CSA, is captured at Brandy Station
Personal 07/04/1863 Jennie Wade, killed the morning before, is buried in a temporary grave in Gettysburg
Personal 07/25/1863 Sam Houston, hero of the Republic and State of Texas, dies at his home in Huntsville
Personal 08/01/1863 General George C. Strong, dead of wounds received at Fort Wagner, is buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn
Personal 08/28/1863 The troops of the Pennsylvania Reserve present General George Meade with a valuable sword in recognition of his leadership
Personal 12/02/1863 The wife of former president Franklin Pierce passes away from tuberculosis in Andover, Massachusetts
Personal 09/19/1862 Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Henry Little falls to rifle fire during the Battle of Iuka
Personal 12/22/1863 In Washington D.C., Union officer and Irish Nationalist leader Michael Corcoran dies in a fall
Personal 12/27/1863 Union officer and Irish Nationalist leader Michael Corcoran is buried in New York City