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Personal 01/01/1844 William Still moves to Philadelphia in 1844
Personal 01/01/1862—01/01/1865 Harriet Tubman works as a nurse for the Union Army in South Carolina
Personal 06/01/186306/03/1863 Harriet Tubman leads an armed raid against Confederate forces in South Carolina
Personal 03/18/1869 Nelson Davis and Harriet Tubman are married in Auburn, New York
Personal 11/00/1896 A supporter of the women's suffrage movement, Tubman speaks at the 1896 Rochester Convention
Personal 01/01/1896—06/01/1908 Fulfilling one of her goals, Harriet Tubman opens a home to care for sick and impoverished African Americans
Personal 03/10/1913 In 1913, Harriet Tubman dies at age ninety-one
Personal 10/01/1864 Mary Brown arrives in Red Bluff, California
Personal 01/01/1863 Mary Brown decides to move to California in 1863
Personal 02/01/1884 Mary Brown dies in San Francisco, California
Personal 07/16/1882 Mary Lincoln dies in Springfield, Illinois
Personal 06/01/1839 Mary Lincoln moves to Springfield, Illinois
Personal 00/00/1837 Mary Lincoln visits Springfield, Illinois in the spring of 1837
Personal 04/23/1791 James Buchanan born in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania
Personal 11/01/1807 James Buchanan enters Dickinson College
Personal 09/01/1808 Dickinson College expels James Buchanan
Personal 09/19/1809 James Buchanan graduates from Dickinson College
Personal 11/17/1812 James Buchanan is admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar
Personal 12/06/1819 James Buchanan's fiancée dies
Personal 06/01/1868 James Buchanan dies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania