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Religion/Philosophy 11/27/1859 The Board of Delegates of American Israelites meets for the first time in New York City
Religion/Philosophy 01/05/1860 Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia dies on the street of a stroke aged forty-eight
Religion/Philosophy 01/29/1860 The American College is established in Rome under the auspices of Pope Pius IX
Religion/Philosophy 01/10/1860 Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia buried in St. Peter's Church in the city
Religion/Philosophy 01/08/1860 Catholic Bishop of Philadelphia lies in state in his Cathedral
Religion/Philosophy 02/05/1860 "Slave auction" at Rev. Henry Ward Beecher's Brooklyn church frees nine-year old slave girl
Religion/Philosophy 03/26/1860 Pope Pius IX decrees excommunication for "sinful insurrection" in the Papal States during 1859
Religion/Philosophy 04/19/1860 Anti-Liquor agitation heats up in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Religion/Philosophy 06/04/1860 In Buffalo, the Methodist Church concludes its Annual conference after more than a month in session
Religion/Philosophy 07/01/1860 Discussing Italian current affairs, Archbishop Hughes of New York defends the Pope and the Papal States
Religion/Philosophy 07/11/1860 Dickinson College trustees hold firm that daily morning prayers will take place "before breakfast"
Religion/Philosophy 07/25/1860 In California, Nevai Shalom, the second Jewish cemetery in San Francisco, is dedicated
Religion/Philosophy 07/05/1860 On behalf of his flock, Archbishop Kenrick of Baltimore sends Pope Pius IX sympathy for his troubles in Italy
Religion/Philosophy 07/20/1860 Under the Islamic Calender, Muharram begins the new year 1277
Religion/Philosophy 07/20/1860 The Evangelical Lutheran Church establishes a Synod for Georgia and Florida
Religion/Philosophy 07/22/1860 Pope Pius IX removes the second ranking British Catholic Archbishop from office
Religion/Philosophy 09/02/1860 In Washington, the capital's Catholic congregations donate in aid of the Pope and his troubles in Italy
Religion/Philosophy 11/29/1860 Thanksgiving Day is celebrated across the country
Religion/Philosophy 05/16/186106/01/1861 The Presbyterian General Assembly is meeting in Philadelphia and its decisions will split the Church
Religion/Philosophy 08/12/1861 With a presidential proclamation, Abraham Lincoln calls for a day of "humiliation, prayer, and fasting"