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Personal 03/05/1794 Robert Cooper Grier is born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Personal 00/00/1812 Robert Grier enters Dickinson College
Personal 01/01/1817 Robert Grier is admitted to the Pennsylvania bar
Personal 00/00/1829 Robert Grier marries Isabella Cooper
Personal 00/00/1833 Grier is appointed judge of the District Court of Allegheny County
Personal 09/25/1870 Justice Robert Grier dies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Personal 11/01/1859 Francis Hall arrives in Yokohama, Japan
Personal 07/03/185807/04/1858 President Monroe goes home to Virginia
Personal 06/29/1852 Henry Clay dies in Washington
Personal 11/09/1856 Senator John Middleton Clayton, negotiator of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, dies in Delaware
Personal 10/19/1856 William Sprague, former Rhode Island governor and senator, dies in Providence
Personal 09/26/1856 George Steers, famous maritime designer, dies in Brooklyn, New York, aged 35
Personal 11/21/1856 Samuel Swartwout, the notorious former collector of customs at the Port of New York, dies
Personal 01/27/1857 Preston Brooks dies suddenly in Washington, D.C.
Personal 02/16/1857 Elisha Kent Kane, famous Arctic explorer and naval medical officer, dies in Havana
Personal 07/29/1857 Thomas Jefferson Rusk, U.S. Senator from Texas, commits suicide at his home in Nacogdoches
Personal 01/02/1857 Andrew Ure, famous advocate of the factory system, dies in London
Personal 12/26/1858 James Gadsden dies in Charleston, South Carolina
Personal 07/30/1859 Richard Rush, former Secretary of the Treasury, dies in Philadelphia
Personal 11/17/1858 Robert Owen dies in Wales, aged eighty