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Personal 10/04/1859 Karl Baedeker, founding father of travel guides, dies in Germany
Personal 11/28/1859 Washington Irving dies at his home in Tarrytown, New York
Personal 12/08/1859 Thomas De Quincey, the English author and opium eater, dies in Edinburgh
Personal 12/13/1859 Clara Wilson, 125 year old former slave, dies near Alton, Illinois
Personal 05/06/1859 Joseph Brown Smith, the first fully blind American college graduate, dies in Louisville, Kentucky
Personal 10/03/1859 John Young Mason dies in Paris where he is United States Minister
Personal 12/28/1859 Thomas Babington Macaulay, British statesman and historian, dies in London
Personal 10/12/1859 Robert Stephenson, eminent British engineer, dies in London
Personal 12/19/1859 Mirabeau Lamar, the second President of the Texas Republic, dies in Richmond, Texas
Personal 06/03/1861 Stephen A. Douglas dies at his home in Chicago, Illinois
Personal 07/05/1836 Horace Greeley marries Mary Youngs Cheney in Warrenton, North Carolina
Personal 03/25/1864 Owen Lovejoy dies in New York City
Personal 10/12/1813 Lyman Trumbull is born in Colchester, Connecticut
Personal 06/25/1896 Lyman Trumbull dies in Chicago, Illinois
Personal 11/03/1877 Lyman Trumbull marries Mary Ingraham in Saybrook, Connecticut
Personal 08/16/1868 Julia Jayne Trumbull dies in Washington, DC
Personal 04/05/1872 Samuel Galloway dies in Columbus, Ohio
Personal 03/18/1860 William H. Bissell becomes the first Illinois governor to die in office
Personal 07/20/1844 John H. Addams departs Kreidersville, Pennsylvania for Illinois
Personal 05/06/1837 William Elisha Stoker is born in Chambers County, Alabama