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Personal 10/27/1858 Theodore Roosevelt is born in New York City
Personal 11/26/1858 Katherine Mary Drexel born in Philadelphia
Personal 12/22/1858 Giacomo Puccini born in Tuscany
Personal 02/18/1858 Millard Fillmore marries Mrs. Caroline Carmichael McIntosh in Albany, New York
Personal 11/11/1858 James Garfield marries Lucretia Randolph in Ohio
Personal 08/17/1858 William Graham, former U.S. Congressman, dies at his farm near Vallonia, Indiana
Personal 02/16/1858 William Guerrier of the Ward and Guerrier Company dies in an explosion in Wyoming
Personal 08/28/1858 William Fitzhugh Gordon, former Congressman from Virginia, dies in Albemarle County, Virginia
Personal 05/06/1858 Josiah James Evans, Senator from South Carolina, dies in office in Washington, D.C.
Personal 09/15/1858 Augustus Drum, former congressman from Pennsylvania, dies at his home in Westmoreland County
Personal 03/23/1858 Thomas B. Cuming, twice governor of Nebraska Territory, dies in office aged thirty.
Personal 11/06/1858 Samuel Eli Cornish, pioneer black journalist and abolitionist, dies in Brooklyn
Personal 04/10/1858 Senator Thomas Hart Benton, "Old Bullion," dies of cancer in Washington, D.C.
Personal 11/08/1858 Benjamin Franklin Butler, former Attorney General of the United States, dies in Paris
Personal 06/04/1858 James Pinckney Henderson, the new Senator from Texas, dies in Philadelphia before even taking his seat
Personal 05/17/1858 The British-born writer Henry William Herbert shoots himself in the Stevens House Hotel in New York City
Personal 01/09/1858 Anson Jones, the last President of the Republic of Texas, commits suicide in Houston
Personal 02/21/1858 John Kintzing Kane, the U.S. District Judge who ruled against Passmore Williamson in the Jane Johnson case, dies in Philadelphia
Personal 01/01/1858 "Miss Leslie," America's most popular cooking writer, dies in New Jersey
Personal 11/03/1858 Harriet Taylor Mill, wife of and collaborator with John Stuart Mill, dies at Avignon in France