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Personal 03/02/1860 Oliver Brown's young widow dies in childbirth at North Elba, New York
Personal 03/30/1860 Last survivor of the 1778 Wyoming Massacre dies in Ohio
Personal 04/05/1860 Edward Warren appointed professor of medicine at University of Maryland Medical School
Personal 09/13/1862 Governor Vance appoints Edward Warren as Surgeon-General of North Carolina
Personal 01/27/1862 Robert E. Lee appoints Edward Warren as Medical Inspector of the Department of Northern Virginia
Personal 03/04/1860 Abraham Lincoln visits his son at Phillips Academy in New Hampshire
Personal 08/13/1860 Annie Oakley, sharpshooter, is born in Darke County, Ohio
Personal 05/06/1860 Oldest living former United States Senator dies in Norfolk, Virginia
Personal 05/09/1860 S.G. Goodrich, the famous "Peter Parley," author of hundreds of books for young adults dies in New York City
Personal 05/10/1860 Theodore Parker, famous abolitionist and member of the "Secret Six," dies in Florence, Italy
Personal 05/31/1860 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Peter V. Daniel dies in Richmond, Virginia
Personal 05/22/1860 Former South Carolina senator and state's rights advocate William Campbell Preston dies in Columbia
Personal 06/03/1860 Republican Congressman Silas M. Burroughs dies at his home in New York
Personal 06/05/1860 Samuel D. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury under Andrew Jackson, dies in Trenton, New Jersey
Personal 06/25/1860 Enoch Bartlett, grower of the Bartlett Pear, dies at his home Roxbury, Massachusetts
Personal 04/07/1860 W.K. Kellogg born in Battle Creek, Michigan
Personal 07/14/1860 Owen Wister born in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Personal 05/20/1860 Eduard Buchner, chemist and Nobel laureate, born in Munich, Germany
Personal 10/09/1860 Leonard Wood is born in Pocasset, Massachusetts
Personal 10/31/1860 Juliette Low born in Savannah, Georgia