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Religion/Philosophy 04/20/1862 Easter Sunday
Religion/Philosophy 02/28/1862 Fast day of "humiliation, prayer, and thanksgiving" observed throughout the Confederacy
Religion/Philosophy 04/13/1862 Palm Sunday
Religion/Philosophy 04/18/1862 Good Friday
Religion/Philosophy 09/25/186209/26/1862 Rosh Hashana
Religion/Philosophy 10/04/1862 Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement
Religion/Philosophy 05/05/1864 Ascension Day
Religion/Philosophy 04/30/1863 A National Day of Fasting and Prayer is held across the North
Religion/Philosophy 05/13/1863 The American Tract Society holds its 38th Annual Meeting in New York City
Religion/Philosophy 06/03/1863 The Dutch Reformed Church holds its annual meeting in Newburgh, New York
Religion/Philosophy 06/04/186306/06/1863 The annual national convention of the North American associations of the Y.M.C.A meets in Chicago
Religion/Philosophy 06/21/1863 In a sermon, Archbishop Hughes of New York blames the Confederacy for the continued bloodshed
Religion/Philosophy 08/06/1863 In Philadelphia, the almost complete Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is opened for a public reception
Religion/Philosophy 11/17/1863 Henry Ward Beecher's church members welcome him home from a lengthy trip to Europe
Religion/Philosophy 12/05/1863 The Jewish holy days of Chanukah begin at sunset
Religion/Philosophy 12/07/186312/12/1863 The Jewish holy days of Chanukah are being celebrated across the United States
Religion/Philosophy 12/13/1863 The Jewish holy days of Chanukah come to an end
Religion/Philosophy 11/29/1863 The first Sunday of Advent in the Christian calendar
Religion/Philosophy 12/08/1863 Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Religion/Philosophy 03/20/1864 Palm Sunday