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Legal/Political 01/03/1860 Large political meeting in favor of the Union held in Maysville, Kentucky
Legal/Political 01/12/1860 South Carolina sends Christopher Memminger to discuss the sectional crisis with the Virginia legislature
Legal/Political 02/01/1860 Thaddeus Hyatt arrives in Washington but defies the Senate Harpers Ferry Committee
Legal/Political 02/21/1860 The U.S. Senate orders arrest of Thaddeus Hyatt for failure to appear before Harpers Ferry Committee
Legal/Political 03/12/1860 The U.S. Senate imprisons Thaddeus Hyatt for failure to appear before Harpers Ferry Committee
Legal/Political 02/01/1860 Hazlett and Stevens, the last of John Brown's captured co-conspirators, go on trial in Virginia
Legal/Political 02/04/1860 Aaron Stevens found guilty in Virginia for his part in Harpers Ferry Raid
Legal/Political 02/13/1860 Stevens and Hazlett, the last of the convicted Harpers Ferry raiders, sentenced to hang
Legal/Political 02/16/1860 State supreme court confirms the right of mixed race men to vote in Ohio
Legal/Political 02/11/1860 Albert Hazlett convicted of murder in Charlestown, Virginia
Military/Violent 04/04/1846 Mexico begins preparing troops for a possible war with the United States.
Military/Violent 03/28/1846 General Taylor leads American troops into the disputed border area, across from the Mexican town of Matamoros
Military/Violent 04/15/1856 In Panama, a minor scuffle between an American sailor and a local fruit vendor turns violent
Military/Violent 05/03/1846 Mexican troops attack Fort Texas, a U.S. outpost in disputed border area
Military/Violent 05/08/1846 U.S. forces defeat a large Mexican contingent at Palo Alto in Texas
Military/Violent 04/26/1846 General Taylor tells Congress that hostilities with Mexicans have commenced
Military/Violent 11/03/1853 American filibuster William Walker proclaims himself president of an independent "Republic of Lower California"
Military/Violent 05/08/1854 William Walker is driven from Mexico and taken into custody by the U.S. military
Military/Violent 05/04/1855 American filibuster William Walker departs San Francisco for Central America
Military/Violent 06/28/1856 William Walker is elected president of Nicaragua