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In Ireland, a small force of Irish Constabulary disperses large groups of armed insurgents in the "Battle of Tallaght."

Fenian insurgents and Irish police fight the "Battle of Tallaght," near Dublin, Ireland, March 5, 1867, artist's impression.

In County Dublin, Ireland, south of the city, armed Fenians gathered in large numbers and moved in formation through the night.  At the Irish Constabulary barracks in Tallaght, Inspector Burke and fourteen constables deployed to block an important road junction.  Shortly after midnight, the police exchanged gunfire with two groups of insurgents numbered in the hundreds who then fled leaving quantities of arms and ammunition behind, ending any further attempts at insurrection.  (By John Osborne)

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William Domville Handcock, The History and Antiquities of Tallaght in the County of Dublin (Dublin, Ireland: Hodges, Figgis, & Company, 1899), 141-145.